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8 “How We Met?” Stories That Will Touch Your Memories.

8 “How We Met?” Stories That Will Touch Your Memories.

1.I met my longtime boyfriend at an autopsy of a heroin addict. I fainted and he offered me crackers and it has now been five years and we are still happily in love.

—Kelsey Lindberg via Facebook

2.It was freshman year of high school. I was sitting on the bus going home. Someone tapped me on the shoulder
— I turned around and there he was. He said, 'Excuse me, do you like pie?'

Out of surprise I blurted out, 'Yes.' He then asked, 'What kind?' I answered, 'Blueberry pie.' He said thank you and
turned around. That was it! He only wanted to know my pie preference.

We started dating a year and a half later.Twelve years later we married, and I'm sitting next to my daughter watching
cartoons :-)

—paleobjt26 via BuzzFeed

3.We were both auditioning for roles in a musical adaptation of School House Rock! I was on crutches because of a
devastating break-dancing incident, but I still got up and belted Grease's 'Hopelessly Devoted.'

He followed my audition by singing 'Moon River' and looking absolutely intriguing in his My Chemical Romance shirt.
We both got the parts and spent the next few months getting to know each other while singing about the correct usage
of adjectives and 'I'm Just a Bill.'

The last night of the show he taught me how to stage kiss and that was it.Eight years later, I'm proud to say that we
are happily married and very much in love!

—Carly Evette Whitt via Facebook

4.The first time I saw him, we were sitting at the gate for our flight to Chicago. I remember glancing over at him and
thinking, Oh, wow, he's cute. When I got to my seat, I saw that the seat beside me was empty and thought, How
awesome would it be if he ended up next to me?”

Sure enough, a family in his row wanted to sit together so he asked the flight attendant if he could take the empty
seat beside me. We spent the entire flight discussing everything.

—Sorahya Foster via Facebook

5.One mild February Texas night, I left the door open because I was waiting for a late date to arrive. While I waited,
an adorable Lhasa Apso ran into my apartment, followed by an equally adorable silver fox of a guy.

We talked forever. Two months passed until an actual first date, which was the WORST either of us had ever had.
Long story short, we were engaged five weeks later and married in March, a year after we met.

—Jan Warren Moore via Facebook

6.My car broke down during rush hour… I was standing helpless on the sidewalk looking desperately at my car. All I
could do was laugh it off.He saw me laugh from his vehicle and asked me why I was laughing if my car broke down.
My answer? 'I have two options: Be upset or be happy. I chose to be happy and laugh.' So he pulled over and helped
me with my car, and we became really good friends.

Two years later, we finally realized we're in love… and looking forward to laughing off our problems.

—andreanc via BuzzFeed

7.This is my grandparents' story, not mine, but I love it and I always beg my grandpa to tell it.

It was wartime in Britain and they were in the same factory in Nottingham making IFF sets. One day a group of ladies
who worked there came in late, still with their coats on and dripping water everywhere,and the foreman angrily ordered
them to take their coats off. They all did, barring one.

My grandpa's friend went over to chat to them later, and then came back and said triumphantly: 'Seven o'clock.
Saturday night. In the square. You're going on a date!' My grandpa, a bit nonplussed, said, 'OK, but which one did
you ask?' 'The one who didn't take her coat off, of course,' she replied.

They were married 1946–2004.

—Sarah Rowlands via Facebook

8.We met online, but not online dating or any means of hooking up. We were both battling with depression, and we
found each other in a chatroom for those looking to talk to others who knew what that weight felt like and to feel for
a moment less alone.

It started out slowly, from talking to one another in the main chatroom to sending private chat messages whenever
we saw each other online. It wasn't until we exchanged Skype information that we started talking daily, and not just
one or two messages a day, but for hours on end.

While we've yet to meet face-to-face, we video chat with each other and send frequent video messages as well
as continue to chat daily — and though it might be an unusual story, it's ours.

—kernst333 via BuzzFeed

1 comment on 8 “How We Met?” Stories That Will Touch Your Memories.
  • Devarshi Jariwala
    Devarshi Jariwala

    Wouldn’t it be perfect though.. dancing barefoot under a bed of stars, in the warmth of the bonfire, an acoustic guitar playing, the most soothing voice singing, the most beautiful songs, the ones with all the feels.. the cold winds giving the chills occasionally and you find the reason enough to cozy up, wrapping those arms a little tighter along the waist, dancing slower, just a little bit closer.. wouldn’t it be a little closer to perfect?!
    But it was perfect night for me, staying up late in the dark under the sky filled with rainy clouds, in middle of the game of UNO cards, listening to the voices of those with everything was quite special….  The cold winds giving the chills and we found it the reason enough to start those ghost stories session, laughing, teasing one another and being scared , just a bit closer to being a perfect beautiful moment shared with you … But wouldn’t you agree it’s already a perfect one because it was created with the one who is awesome!

    February 11, 2020
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