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Memo Life For You.

  • Thermal Pocket Printer

    Phomemo thermal pocket printer needs no ink, so you don't worry about soiling the paper. It is eco-friendly, just use our thermal paper instead.

  • Bluetooth Connection

    Support 3 Mbit/s transfer speed, easily and widely connect with the bluetooth wireless device, more efficient.

  • Portable Size

    Modern and stylish "BOOK" shape design, 3.4" x 3.2" x 1.7" , only 6.7 oz. You can take it wherever  you want!

  • Fast Printing

    Save your time. It can be completed in 10 seconds and can be printed continuously for 26.25 ft at a time. 

  • Long Endurance

    Large capacity battery, 1000mAh. It can print more 4 rolls of Phomemo thermal paper on a two-hour charge.

  • Personalized Printing

    You can print for your bullet journal, photos, to-do-list, calendar and so on. Pick this perfect gift today!

Memo Life For You

Photo + Memo = Phomemo

Phomemo M02 pocket printer helps to keep tracking the little things in your life, enjoying your study and coloring the photos you like. This is how to retain your special and happy moments.

Also, make a to-do list or planner to organize your life more easier. All it takes is tearing and sticking.

Be a memory keeper with Phomemo! 


Stick Anywhere

Phomemo comes with self-adhesive paper rolls. Our sticky-backed printer paper makes it super easy for you to stick your to-do lists anywhere you want, so you can organize your room and personalize your space with your favorite memories.In normal room temperature the prints will last for up to 2 years.


Share From Here

This is a practical and easy-to-use App. You are able to record your work, life, study and various interests or hobbies by connecting with the mini Phomemo (No ink & support numerous kinds of labels) and print them. Phomemo is your intimate assistant, will be around you wherever & whenever you need.


Let Phomemo Be Your Good Help

Phomemo has rich printing function enables you to enjoy all kinds of application. No matter instant photos, bullet journal,  to-do-list  or coloring pictures. Phomemo makes your life more easier all the time! Know more here!

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  • Free Returns

    Within 30 days from the date of user's receipt, the user can choose to return.

  • 1 Year Warranty

    The free warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • BPA-Free

    Paper rolls are professionally certified, friendly to human body.


Does Phomemo need to add ink?

Phomemo is the thermal printer, which requires no ink, ribbon, or thermal transfer ribbon. Just load the paper in, and you can print.

Are printed images permanent, or will they fade over time?

Just like all other thermal paper, eventually the prints will fade. The sticker paper we sell online, in normal room temperature the prints will last for up to 2 years.

phomemo printer has 5 different color versions, do they all do the same thing?

Yes! They all function the same, but in different colors. But you can also choose your favorite color according to your preferences. If not, you are welcome to contact us for help and suggestions

Why can’t I find a device to connect when adding the device in the App?

 Try to charge the printer to ensure the bluetooth is in working status.

Why does it print out blank paper?

1.This may be caused by incorrect installation of paper roll; Please try to install the paper roll on the reverse direction. If it doesn’t work, please use a new one paper roll.

2. If the print head is damaged, please contact us.

Charging Instructions

Before closing the printer, please check the tightness of the paper roll. When closing the printer, extend some paper to the outlet of printer, press the upper end of the printer and push it closed in the opposite direction.