Phomemo Tattoo Transfer Paper For M08F/TP81/TP83 Tattoo Printer

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    Includes 100 sheets of blue-colored paper

    Measuring 8.27in x 11.69in (210mm x 297mm)

    Perfect for tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and professional tattoo artists

    This tattoo paper is only compatible with the M08F A4 version and TP81/TP83

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Hand Drawing

Print or draw image on white paper, remove brown "onion" paper, place image over carbon paper. (If drawn, photocopy first to keep original.)

Trace image with pencil/pen, transfer ink, peel off paper to avoid carbon transfer. Image visible on back.

The ink from the carbon paper will transfer onto the back of the page.

Cut the image out to prepare it for transfer onto the client.

Using M08F Tattoo Printer

Step One

Remove the transparent sheet, and tear out the yellow page.

Step Two

Download the app and connect to M08F-A4 via Bluetooth for phones, or via USB cable for PCs.

Step Three

1. Press and hold for 2 seconds to power on.

 2. Place the white page face up and the ribbon page faces down and flush against the printer.

Step Four

Cut out the pattern and paint the arms with stencil ointment for a better transfer. Alcohol can wipe away tattoo transfer marks.

Warm Tips - The tattoo transfer paper need to work with transfer media. You will need to purchase the stencil ointment separately. If the transfer is wrong, you can use alcohol to wipe off the tattοο transfer marks.