FAQ – Phomemo

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1. Q: How to use?
A:Download “Phomemo” from Google Play or App Store - Register an account and login - Click “+” (Add device) – Search and connect to the device – Print.

2. Q: Does Phomemo need to add ink?
A: Phomemo is the thermal printer, which requires no ink, ribbon, or thermal transfer ribbon. Just load the paper in, and you can print.

3. Q: Can Phomemo print colour pictures?
A: Phomemo M02 only support black and white color printing. Phomemo uses direct thermal to print paper, which restrict to the print color. For example, you can have a blue and white style by using blue character on white thermal paper.

4. Q: How to replace the paper?
A: Check the arrow indication on the left side of Phomemo, and slightly push cover downward to open it, and then you can replace or adjust the paper.

5. Q: What paper are supported?
A: Phomemo supports basic thermal paper, label thermal paper and sticker thermal paper.

6. Q: How big is the printer?
A: It is a hand-sized printer.

7. Q: Indicator tips?
A: Green/White Light On: normal status, Red Light On: abnormal status, including paper shortage, overheated, cover opened, low battery.

8. Q: Charging Instructions
A:Any Micro-USB adapter is capable of charging Phomemo, and Phomemo can also be charged by PC. Phomemo P1 can print about four rolls paper after fully charged.

9. Q: Why can’t I find a device to connect when adding the device in the App?
A: Try to charge the printer to ensure the bluetooth is in working status.

10. Q: What do I do when my printer can't print?
A: 1) Check if the APP device is connected. If not, please turn on the bluetooth of your phone. Make sure that no one else is connected to your printer.
2) Check if the print head is overheated, if yes, try to print again after it cools down.
3) Check the tightness of the paper roll, and replace after it is manually rolled (not too tight).
4) Check whether the paper is on the roller. If not, please extend the paper to it.
5) Restart the printer. If the problem still exists, short press the Reset button, restoring to factory settings.

11.Q: Why does it print out blank paper?
A: 1) This may be caused by incorrect installation of paper roll; Please try to install the paper roll on the reverse direction. If it doesn’t work, please use a new one paper roll.
2) If the print head is damaged, please contact us.

12.Q: The content of the printing is missing or blurred?
A: 1) Check if there is any paper jammed or folded inside the device, if yes, please cut off the front part of the paper roll.
2) Check the power through APP. Low battery may cause blurred printing, please charge in time;
3) If the print is all missing or blurred in the horizontal position, check if there is any foreign body in it. If yes, please clean the print head with alcohol or a little water after turning it off and use again after it dry out
4) Partial missing may be caused by the failure of the device’s connection signal. You can try to replace the phone to test whether it is normal. If the print is still missing, please feel free to contact us.

13.Q: Indicator light doesn't work?
A: If the printer can work normally except the indicator light, it may be just the indicator light damages, please contact us.

14.Q: Can Phomemo work with iPad?
A: Yes, you can use Phomemo app by iPad.

15.Q: I have a promo code, I don’t see where to apply it at check out?
A: You can buy on Phomemo online shop and apply the promo code when you order it.
1) Firstly, press the button “add to cart” or “buy it now”, and then the new page is confirm information page.
2) Secondly, you can find out the right side is a apply discount code.

16.Q: Does the print on the tape fade over time?
A: Due to the nature of thermal paper, which limit the picture storage time. If you are worry about the picture storage time, we have different kind of thermal paper with different picture storage time.
1) For example, the sakura pattern thermal paper picture storage time is 20 years.
2) Especially the sticker transparent thermal paper & sticker clear thermal paper are keep forever.

17.Q: Wanted to ask how long are the refills for the pocket printers?
A: You can find the specifications in product page. For example, sticker thermal paper length is 138" (3.5 m).

18.Q: May I know can you ship to my country?
A: Sure! All products are free worldwide shipping! You can make purchase order by https://phomemo.com/

19.Q: When will you ship the express?
A: We will ship in 3 days in generally.

20.Q: Arrived destination means only the post office or my home?
A: Please contact with the customer service and tell your order no, our services will make sure with the local logistics department.

21.Q: Pass the BPA test?
A: Yes and here is the certificate for your reference.