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Why M03 portable thermal printer is a great choice for students

Why M03 portable thermal printer is a great choice for students

Thermal printing technology was first used in some label and barcode printing equipment, mainly because of its advantages such as no need for ink, anti-scratch effect, fast printing speed and unlimited working environment. Now, thermal technology has also begun to be used as a portable printer that can assist students in their study, life and work.

Would like a simple and fun way to keep your study notes tidy? Phomemo M03 portable thermal printer can solve students' troubles in learning. This Bluetooth portable thermal printer provides high-end printing functions to help organize your study notes better.
M03 portable thermal printer

M03 portable thermal printer adopts a wireless connection function, which means that you only need a Bluetooth connection and use the Phomemo application to print what you need from smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets.

Blutooth connection and free APP with M03 portable thermal printer

There are 2 main reasons why the M03 portable thermal printer is a great choice for students:

The Phomemo M03 Bluetooth portable thermal printer is one of our portable printers so far that can print large and wide content. It uses a new Japanese print head, 203dpi print resolution. At the same time, it supports printing widths of 53mm and 80mm to meet the printing needs of students for wide-format content.

M03 Bluetooth portable thermal printer print larger size

1.Print study notes

For students, the most important thing at this stage is their studies. The Phomemo application comes with text recognition and printing functions, which means that if you encounter important content while studying or doing questions and want to record, the M03 portable thermal printer can help you quickly print the content you need, so that you don't have to spend extra time to manually copy it, which effectively improves your efficiency in taking notes. You only need to scan the picture, and the application will automatically display the content on the scanned picture. One-click printing can quickly obtain important content and paste it on the notebook. This fast printing function is ideal for students to print out clean study notes select. In addition, it allows you to easily print the content of the webpage you have learned and paste it in your notebook.

print learning notes with M03 bluetooth portable thermal printer

OCR function of M03 Bluetooth thermal printer

 2. Make a to-do list

Between various homework, academic tests, and various courses, maybe every student needs to learn how to take simple methods to better maintain their own learning state during the day, and the to-do list is the key to keeping students organized . The M03 portable thermal printer allows them to easily compile daily list content on their mobile phones. There is a section called "template" in the Phomemo application, which has a rich variety of list styles, and students can personalize them before printing. It only need to enter content in the selected template, and one-click printing can generate a clear to-do list.

M03 portable thermal printer make to do list

 Last but not least, the body and paper compartment of this M03 wide-format portable thermal printer can be opened for easy replacement of printing paper. And more, the paper bin of this printer is completely transparent, which is convenient for students to check the remaining paper in time and can be replaced in time. Therefore, the M03 printer is an excellent choice for students to study and live.

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