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When is Mother’s Day 2024? Plus 8 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Your Mom
Table of Contents

When is Mother’s Day 2024? Plus 8 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Your Mom

Table of Contents

The History of Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day originates from ancient celebrations honoring mothers. However, the modern Mother's Day as we know it today originated in the early 20th century. Anna Jarvis is credited with establishing Mother's Day in the United States. She campaigned for it after her mother died in 1905.

Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in 1908, and she continued to advocate for the recognition of Mother's Day as a national holiday. Her efforts gained momentum. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation. He designated the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. This made it an official national holiday.

From the United States, the celebration of Mother's Day spread to other countries around the world, each adopting their own customs and traditions to honor mothers and motherhood. Today, Mother's Day is celebrated in various forms and on different dates across the globe, but it generally retains its essence of expressing gratitude and appreciation for maternal figures.

What Day Is Mother's Day?

The date of Mother's Day varies depending on the country and its traditions. In many countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and most European countries, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In 2024, it will be held on May 12th.

How to celebrate Mother’s day?

Mother's Day is a significant occasion for both mothers and children. It's a time when we express our respect and love to our mothers. Explore eight creative ways to celebrate Mother's Day in this post.

1. Pamper Her

After a busy day, there's nothing quite like a scented candle to help your Mom relax. You can make your own scented candle with a few easy steps:

  • Start by melting wax flakes and adding your Mom favorite essential oils for fragrance.
  • Carefully pour the mixture into a clean jar and insert a wick in the center. 
  • Once the candle has solidified, use an inkless sticker printer to print custom labels. Decorate the scented candle with these labels to add a personalized touch she'll love. 
scented candle with custom label

2. Offer To Help Her With Chores

Assist Mom by organizing her clothes and other personal items. Utilize a label maker for home storage to organized her items clearly. For example, categorize your mom's beauty products and print labels with expiration dates for easy tracking. This gesture will definitely demonstrate your care and attention to detail.

Bobbi brown on the table

3. Make Her a Coupon Book

Create a personalized coupon book for your Mom, filled with offers like breakfast in bed, house cleaning, etc. These coupons give her the freedom to redeem them whenever she wishes, making them a thoughtful and practical gift.

make coupons with a label maker


You can create your own coupons easily with our "Print Master APP":

  • Connect your phone to a label maker via Bluetooth.
  • Choose from hundreds of patterns and over 30 fonts in the Print Master app.
  • Freely customize your desired style.

4. Bake Her Favorite Dessert

Spoil your Mom by baking her favorite dessert, like cookies or cupcakes. Be transparent and ask if there's anything she'd like you to make. After preparing these delicious treats, you can make some special decorations. You can use a  portable label printer with round stickers to create personalized labels. Stick these labels on biscuit bags to make them special for Mother's Day.

Handmade cookies

5. Surprise Her with a Lovely Gift

Who doesn't love receiving gifts, especially when a Mom receives a gift from her children? It is sure to bring her joy and warmth. If you know what your Mom has been fascinated by lately, choosing a gift becomes an easy thing. If you are unsure of her preferences, consider giving her the cute and portable Phomemo D30 or M02 Pro. With these handheld mini printers, your Mom can easily decorate her daily life. From April 19th to May 12th, 2024, you can get a free Mother's Day card with your purchase! Don't miss out on this special offer to show your love and appreciation for Mom!

Label makers D30 and M02 Pro

6. Give Her Flowers

Gifting flowers is a traditional yet meaningful way to convey love for your mom. Flowers symbolize beauty, love, and care. The flowers you bring home can last for days, gracing the house with their presence. Every time Mom sees them, she'll think about your love too. To make the gift more meaningful, you could try planting a potted plant or flower for her. This way, mom can nurture them, just like she nurtured you as you grew up. The gift symbolizes the strong bond between mother and child.

give flowers on mother's day

7. Make Her a Card

Making mom a Mother’s day card is a traditional way to express gratitude. Take this opportunity to write down your feelings of appreciation and affection towards her, including sentiments you may not express often. Every mother is deeply touched to see her child's gratitude. If you're not so comfortable with your handwriting, consider using an inkless photo printer to print out your heartfelt message and stick it on the card. It's a heartfelt gift that will surely warm your mom’s heart and make her feel cherished and loved.

mother's day card

8. Craft a Homemade Gift

Create a homemade gift for Mom, such as a photo album, a photo wall, or a beautiful journal. Handmade gifts carry a special touch of love and effort, showing Mom how much she means to you. Try to use your skills to craft a photo album just for her. Here are some easy steps to get you started:

  • Use a mini printer to print out you mom's photos.
  • Write down sweet memories below each photo.
  • Add some personal touches.
photo album
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