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How to keep an organized home with labeling management ways

How to keep an organized home with labeling management ways

Japanese organized expert Marie Kondo can be described as a typical representative of life-changing "organization and storage". In the editor's opinion, proper storage and organization in daily life are not only to make the room look tidy but to maintain convenient access after storage and organization are the most important.

Label organization is a bit like a library index. With it, no matter how many things you have in your home, you can quickly and easily find the items you want the first time without wasting a little time. At the same time, it also makes the originally disorderly storage clear and unambiguous. The labeling management way is the most common classification method in the organization so that the originally messy items can be sorted to keep an orderly home.

What efficient way should be used to achieve effective home organization? Let us take a look at how the following portable label printer can realize the labeling management of items in the three main areas at home.

 1. Organize Kitchen Area

It is inevitable that all kinds of spices are indispensable in the kitchen. Put the purchased spices into bottles of the same shape and size, sort them and place them in designated locations, and then label them. You can take them directly when you use them, which is convenient and fast. In addition to ease of use, sorting will also make the kitchen area tidier. Kitchen spices jars are labeled after classification to facilitate better differentiation and identification. When cooking, you don't need to open each spice pot separately to judge, you can quickly identify and take it directly based on the label.

kitchen spice organization

2. Organize the Refrigerator

Briefly introduce the three basic principles of refrigerator organization:

  • Fullness does not mean that the space utilization is high, but it is tidy and easy to take;
  • Don't stock up blindly, eat and buy often, and eat fresh ingredients every day;
  • Some ingredients don't need to be put in the refrigerator, and they can be stored in a cool place at room temperature.


storage boxes and bags for food

First of all, you need to prepare a storage box suitable for food storage. Of course, the style of the box can be free, but for the sake of a clean appearance, the style of the storage box can be kept as uniform as possible. Secondly, the next step is to use a portable label printer to mark these storage boxes, which can be classified and labeled according to the type of food or the length of the shelf life. This way of storage is carried out, and there is no need to look at each one. Use storage bags to find the food you need, and you don’t have to worry about eating expired food by mistake and harm your body. While maintaining your health, it also makes the internal space of the refrigerator more tidy and orderly.

labeling the food

using same size storage bags to storage food

refrigerator food

 3. Organize the Room Clothing

The sorting of clothes requires more thoughtful "labeling". You can divide the general area according to your needs first, use the storage box to organize the clothes of each season, and group the bottoming clothes in the daily suitcase by category. , Whether it is from the perspective of storage or daily wear, it is particularly time-saving and labor-saving. Then, use the label printer to label the storage box with specific clothing labels. If it is an opaque storage box, it is recommended to label it after classification and mark the storage box to make it easy to find. If there are more transparent storage boxes, and the storage at the bottom of the cabinet is not convenient to take, you can put the same type of items together according to the area as much as possible by attaching eye-catching and uniform labels to increase the convenience of taking.

Use the great portable label printer with appropriate storage techniques to simplify the visual effects presented in each space in the family area, and make people feel real comfort, which is the essence of storage.

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