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Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S

Paper Holder Set for Phomemo M02 Pro & M02S Printer with White Sticker 2-Year Long-Lasting Thermal Paper丨3 Rolls

por Phomemo
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$12.99 - $31.99
Preço Atual $12.99

Available for Phomemo M02 Pro and M02S thermal printer!


*Phomemo M02 Pro

Phomemo M02S Thermal Printer Sticker Thermal Paper with Paper Holder Set

 *Phomemo M02S

This box of thermal paper includes:

-- 3 rolls of Phomemo regular white adhesive thermal paper for 2 years ←
-- 1 paper holder set compatible with Phomemo M02 Pro and M02S Pocket Printer



-- Regular White thermal sticker printing paper
-- With adhesive on the backside of each roll of paper, you can easily stick it everywhere
-- ECO friendly & Safety: no ink required, Bisphenol A free
-- Feature: waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant & picture storage time lasts 2 years
-- It can be used to print images or make notes for yourself, which helps you stay organized for your work and life

How many pictures can be printed on a roll of thermal paper?
The length of each roll is 3.5 meters
eg: for an image of 50mm*50mm, it might be printed 60 images (per roll)


Product Name Phomemo Regular White Sticker Thermal Paper with Paper Holder Set for M02 Pro&M02S printer
Size (Per Roll) 21" x 11.8“ (53mm x φ30 mm)
Length (Per Roll) 138" (3.5 m)
Package include  3 paper rolls & 1 paper holder set compatible with Phomemo M02 Pro and M02S printer
Quantity 4 pacs
Picture Storage Time of Paper 2 Years  (Under Normal temperature and away from direct light)


*Tips for keeping the best quality of thermal printings: 

--Please keep the printings stay away from high-temperature and direct sunlight.
--Try not to let the printings resist physical friction (such as rubber friction) for a long time.
e.g. If you rub the printings for a long time, it'll be easy to damage the printing coat and cause it to fall off.
--Try not to let the printings approach chemical materials for a long time:
e.g. Touch the printings with your hands for a long time, because there may be sweat or lavender essential oil on your hands, and they will make the printings on the thermal printings fade quickened.

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