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How to getting home and office organized by using a portable thermal label printer

How to getting home and office organized by using a portable thermal label printer

It can be tricky to put everything in place, especially if you have retaken the item many times. Who can remember where his various items are placed? At this time, the thermal label printer makes the process of quickly identifying and accessing the required items easier.
items at home

Labels help to make the organizational system sustainable. If an item has a specific mark, then when an item needs to be used, it will not be found in a rush. How to use the thermal label printer to organize the home and office so that life is organized is particularly important.

three color option of D30 thermal printer

 Phomemo D30 portable thermal label printer supports connection to the Print Master App compatible with iPhone and Android, allowing you to design, preview and print custom labels directly from your smartphone just by connecting via Bluetooth.

Blutooth connection with D30

1. Home organized

If there are multiple items stored in your kitchen or food storage, labeling the corresponding items will allow you to easily find what you need, so you don’t have to remember the location of each item when you organize it. In addition, use the D30 portable thermal label printer to mark the top or front of various spice bottles in the kitchen, so that you can quickly find the spices you need to complete the cooking at a glance.

spice bottles label with D30

It is worth mentioning that in addition to editing text attributes, the APP of this D30 thermal label printer also especially sets up the selection of date, time and symbols in order to facilitate the user to enter the date and time. The design of this point is very user-friendly. users can quickly enter the date, time and symbol content in different formats by selecting, which greatly reduces the input intensity of these special texts.

date option of D30 APP

For the various cosmetics and skincare products bought back, it is often difficult for people to remember their shelf life. But if you put a small label on it, you can quickly identify whether there are expired cosmetics. The expiration date of cosmetics can be quickly printed with the D30 portable thermal label printer and pasted on the bottle. During use, it can be discovered in time and avoid the embarrassment of continuing to use after the expiration date, so as to ensure the use article.

skincare products label with D30


2.Office organized

When it comes to office necessities, it may not be the first thing you think of. However, the D30 portable thermal label printer is very suitable to help organize your workspace. Its appearance size is 131.5x 75.5x 29mm, and its weight is only 160g. It can be held with one hand, and you can feel its lightness in the hand, thus very suitable for office use.

print label for files with D30 portable thermal label printer

It can help you reorganize your office, reduce your stress and improve your office work efficiency. Use the D30 thermal label printer to label documents, binders, and notebooks so that you can more easily classify important documents or supplies, place them, and then quickly find them when you need them. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about finding important documents and losing important items.

files label of D30 mini thermal printer



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