Small label, big effect, Phomemo D30 label printer, make your life mor

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Small label, big effect, Phomemo D30 label printer, make your life more extreme

It may be that you are getting older, and many things in life are often forgotten in a blink of an eye. Sometimes you remember what you packed, but you just can't find it. To this end, I also bought a few post-it notes. It's just that sometimes because the stickers are not sticky, relying on them too much makes some small things in life become trivial. However, this time I was fortunate enough to get a trial opportunity for the Phomemo D30 portable smart label printer. With this label printer, I can easily classify the items, and I will not forget them next time I put the labels on them.

In fact, in our lives, labels can be seen everywhere. There are a dazzling array of products in the supermarket, such as product classification labels, price labels, production date labels, etc. With these labels, we can easily buy what we need. At home, if the label of the bottle and box, the expiry date of all kinds of medicines and food, and the classification of household items have labels, it will make our lives in order. Let's take a look at the performance of this Phomemo D30 label printer!

Phomemo D30 Label Printer


In fact, this label printer is a thermal printer. Upon receipt of the product, several types of label papers of different specifications were also included, two of which were packaged with self-sealing tape, and the other three were packaged with simple packaging. It can be seen from the product packaging that the official product name of this product is Phomemo D30 printer. It has a portable label printer that is stylish and portable, inkless printing, rich label and smart APP.

 Phomemo D30 Label Printer

Open the package, you can see that some details of the Phomemo D30 printer are designed to be very user-friendly. For example, the two semi-circular holes at the edge of the pull-out inner packaging can facilitate the extraction of the inner packaging with fingers. The Phomemo D30 printer I got is white. In addition to the host, there is a data and manual in the package.


Product appearance and details:

The appearance of the Phomemo D30 printer is very simple, with a round dark decorative window on the white body, through which you can see the internal paper feed. The power button is the only button on the body of the Phomemo D30 printer. The charging port is located at the bottom of the body, and there is a sling hole beside it, but the sling is not included.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer

Open the paper compartment cover of the Phomemo D30 printer, you can see that the top is the paper outlet. There are two protection devices inside, one is the cover detection, the other is the thermal print head pressing device. In normal use, if you open the cover, the APP will receive a prompt that the cover is opened.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer

The external dimensions of the Phomemo D30 printer are 131.5x 75.5x 29mm and the weight is only 160g. It can be held with one hand, and you can feel its lightness in the hand, which is very convenient to carry. In addition, the Phomemo D30 printer is available in pink and green in addition to the white I got. Friends you like can start.

 Phomemo D30 Label Printer

Mobile APP:

The exclusive APP for the Phomemo D30 label printer is called Phomemo, and the APP page is very simple. The connection between the APP and the device is in the Bluetooth mode, but it needs to be manually connected every day, and it cannot be automatically connected when it is turned on like a headset. I don't know if this is caused by my mobile phone.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer

The Phomemo D30 printing APP is very easy to use. First, select the specifications of the label paper, then enter the content to be printed, adjust the text direction, and then print. Of course, in each process, there are still many options to choose from. For example, when choosing label paper, first find the size of the label paper used, and then select the corresponding type. Phomemo D30 label printer currently has more than 40 types of label paper to choose from, and there are many very cute labels inside. It is recommended to add the purchase function directly in the APP in the later stage, so that you can place an order directly with the favorite label, isn't it better for users to purchase?

Phomemo D30 Label Printer

In addition to rich label types, the Phomemo D30 label printer also has more than 20 free fonts built in. In addition, in the text properties, you can also select editing options such as alignment style and text bold, underline, and italic. The corresponding font can be selected according to the use scene or different styles of labels, so that the printed labels will be more personalized.

In addition, in addition to editing text attributes, Phomemo APP also specially sets up the selection of date, time and symbols in order to facilitate us to enter the date and time. This is also very user-friendly. You can quickly enter the date, time and symbol content in different formats by selecting, which greatly reduces the input intensity of these special texts. This is a necessary praise.

Another feature that is easily overlooked in the Phomemo APP is the label partition function. Under normal circumstances, there is only one input box for the entire label, which makes it impossible to input content in different fonts, and layout is inconvenient. At this time, you can divide the labels into different areas, and each area is an independent input box, so that you can give full play to your creativity and make these small labels more personalized.


Use experience:

The paper roll installation of the Phomemo D30 printer is very simple, just pay attention to pull the paper 5mm above the paper outlet. Long press the power button for 2 seconds to turn it on, and there will be music when it turns on and off. When it is normal, the indicator light will be green. When the paper compartment cover is opened or there is other failure, the indicator light will change to red. The Phomemo D30 printer has a built-in 1200mAh lithium battery, which can provide 3-4 hours of continuous use, which can fully meet our daily labeling needs.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer

I have used a thermal printer before, but because of the low resolution of the printer, the printed content is not clear and I gave up. The resolution of the Phomemo D30 label printer has reached 203dpi, not only the printing speed is fast, but the printed text is very clear. In addition, the Phomemo D30 printer has a very rich selection of label papers, which can be selected in different sizes and specifications. There are also many cartoon images and different color label papers to choose from, which can meet our different scenarios.

 Phomemo D30 Label Printer

The Phomemo D30 label printer can print and use, and can also print multiple copies continuously. When we tear off the label, we can see the jagged edges. In addition, we can also choose the three printing densities of light, standard and dark, but the actual contrast effect of the three densities is not obvious. When the density is selected as light, the printed effect is still very clear. If you don't observe carefully, you can really see the big changes.

The overall performance of the Phomemo D30 printer is still very good, especially its label paper, which is still very sticky after repeated use. In addition, the original label paper has a certain degree of water resistance, and water on it will not affect the text content and viscosity.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer

We have already mentioned the role of tags at the beginning, and they are very useful. In addition to the classification and management of household items, daily reminders, and recording life bits, it can also be used for business office or professional needs. The Phomemo D30 label printer can not only print labels of different specifications and sizes, but also have a variety of types and personalized label patterns to choose from. It can enrich usage scenarios and is suitable for different groups of people.

Phomemo D30 Label Printer


In fact, many people will be left behind. This is not just a question of age. Now the pace of life is too fast, we are often in a state of high tension, and it is easy to ignore the details of some trivial matters in life. Even if we remember it at the time, it is normal to forget it later. Now, with the Phomemo D30 label printer, there are different types of labels everywhere in the house, making my life seem to be organized.

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