Phomemo P3100 / P3100D Portable Bluetooth Label Maker

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    • Compact and Portable: The P3100 Labeler measures 5.5*1.9 inches, P3100D Labeler measures 5.72*2.2 inches, you can print your labels anywhere, anytime.
    • Power and Capacity: lithium battery, 1000mAh, can print 150 meters of labels.
    • High Definition: 180dpi, dark color imaging, smooth printing effect, and pictures.
    • Inkless Printing: Support thermal transfer printing technology, no need to replace ink cartridges, easy to operate and environmentally friendly.
    • High Compatibility: Support iOS and Android phones, tablets and other mobile devices to print wirelessly.
    • Tested Materials: Label tape is waterproof, oilproof, and scratchproof.
    • Application: garden, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.

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Type: P3100
Type: P3100