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What are the main features of the M02 Pro mini pocket printer

What are the main features of the M02 Pro mini pocket printer

Many of us often use simple sticky notes to record important things in work and life in order to remind ourselves at work, school, etc.

With the progress of the times, most people also hope that we can print our notes, to-do reminders and photos anytime and anywhere. In order to meet the needs of the market and the public, we have launched this mini portable wireless M02 Pro pocket printer, which allows users to carry and print and record their lives anytime, anywhere.

What are the main features of this M02 Pro mini pocket printer? Some of the main features of this mini wireless pocket printer are as follows:

1.300 DPI printing

Print higher resolution images anytime and anywhere. The 54mm/2.1 inch print width adapts the photo to the paper frame. With 300dpi resolution, you can get instant high-definition printing in a few seconds. 

300 dpi function of M02 PRO mini pocket printer

2.Small and portable

This mini pocket printer is simple and stylish, only 3.2"×3.1"×1.6"/inch, which makes it very small and portable. You can easily hold it in your hand, so convenient to put it in your bag or even your pocket for carrying. 

3.Bluetooth connection

This mini pocket printer works wirelessly, which means there is no need to place extra wires around to connect to the printer, just connect your phone with Bluetooth and open the Phomemo app to start using it.

4.No ink printing

M02 Pro mini pocket printer adopts Japanese heated print head technology, with the help of Bluetooth connection and thermal printing technology, it can print any content on the phone by connecting to the phone without adding or replacing ink, toner, or ribbon. Therefore, there is no need to increase unnecessary costs.

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5.Support multi-size printing

As an upgraded version of the M02 printer, our M02 Pro mini pocket printer supports multi-size printing. Based on the original 53mm, two new print sizes, 15mm and 25mm, have been added.

three size of M02 pro mini pocket printer

M02 Pro Mini Pocket Printer Powerful Application-Phomemo

This mini pocket printer has a free application that can help you customize the content you need for printing. The printing process is very smooth. You only need to add text, graphics, etc. to complete the printing within a few seconds. In our Phomemo application, you can freely set the content to be printed, whether it is font size, print mode, print density, etc.

phomemo app


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