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Halloween Fun: How to Make Pumpkin Tags with a Mini Label Printer

Halloween Fun: How to Make Pumpkin Tags with a Mini Label Printer

Everyone is thinking that summer is coming to an end, and it will be accompanied by the arrival of autumn. Most people will prepare for Halloween, one of our favorite autumn festivals of the year, through classic traditions such as pumpkin carving.

How does pumpkin carving come from?

The Irish have a story about "Stingy Jack". Jack is a man who has deceived the devil many times. After his death, his soul can neither go to heaven nor go to hell. With nowhere to go, he had to walk forward aimlessly, carrying a hollow white radish with charcoal fire given by the devil to illuminate the radish, eager to finally find a place to rest. He walked like this and never stopped. Later, people who heard this story began to carve patterns on white radishes to celebrate "Halloween", hoping to drive away demons and gain the blessing of gods. Gradually, everyone discovered that pumpkin is a better carving material than white radish, so pumpkins have been used instead.

pumpkin carving jack

What does the Halloween pumpkin lantern symbolize?

Pumpkins are orange, so orange has become the traditional Halloween color. Carving pumpkin lanterns from pumpkins is also a Halloween tradition, and its history can be traced back to Ireland. Originally in the ancient Irish legend, this small candle was placed in hollowed-out kohlrabi. It is said that soon after the Irish arrived in the United States, they discovered that pumpkins are better than kohlrabi in terms of source and carving, and their appearance is also better than that of kohlrabi. Rutabaga is beautiful and close to the shape of the face, so pumpkin lanterns gradually replaced rutabaga as the new favorite of Halloween.

Halloween pumpkin lantern

Do you want to add some pumpkin decorations to this year's autumn festival events or programs? If you are looking for last-minute Halloween decoration inspiration, then don't miss the idea of making pumpkin labels. Let's start.

Tips to making DIY pumpkin tags:

Materials Prepare:

Wood chip pendant, small rope (wax rope), scissors, colored pens, mini label printer
Materials Prepare

Instructions are as follows:

1. Save your favorite pumpkin patterns to your phone in advance

save picture on phone

2. Turn on the switch of the mini label printer, connect the Bluetooth compatible Print Master App, you can select the label template you like on the APP to print; in addition, you can also create a new label by yourself to personalize the label content, change the label width, the height, printing direction, and paper type are also very easy.

bluetooth connect with M200 printer

This time, you can choose the new label mode for personalized content printing. In order to make the printed pattern plumper, set the width 60mm, height 70mm, and 0° Label printing direction, and select the paper type of continuous paper.

Create and set label size

a new label setting well

3. The app of the mini label printer allows you to insert text, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, icons, pictures, and other information in the label, which provides great convenience. After the label is set, the new label page appears in front of you. At this time, we only need to select the "Picture" function to insert your favorite pumpkin pattern, and you can get the sticky pumpkin pattern in just a few seconds with one click.

insert pumpkin pattern

click print buttion to print

pumpkin printing well

4. Simply cut the printed pumpkin label and coloring with some color pen, and then tear it apart and stick it on the wood chip pendant.

coloring the pumpkin patterns

tear the pumpkin pattern

5. In order to make the whole pumpkin label more exquisite and beautiful, you can write "A little pumpkin for You" with a thinner colored pen to modify the wood chip pendant; then use some lace tape around the wood chip pendant to embellish it with the small rope pumpkin tag is finished at this step.

modify the wood chip pendant


You can use your own pumpkin tags in many interesting places:

Tied to a pumpkin prop

Tied to a pumpkin prop

Tie it to the mini or big pumpkin you bought

Tied to homemade pumpkin bread

Tied to a pumpkin candy jar


These small tags attached to various pumpkins will be great Halloween gifts for relatives, friends, colleagues, children, etc.! Come in advance to celebrate the autumn events and experience the fun of Halloween, and start making free pumpkin gift tags to give people around you a special surprise.

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