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From study to life, Phomemo M02S pocket printer is widely used

From study to life, Phomemo M02S pocket printer is widely used

The pocket printer is believed to be familiar to many students and people who do handbooks. The compact body can be grasped by one hand, and it is very convenient to use without ink cartridges. The only consumable is thermal printing paper. It only needs bluetooth to connect to the mobile phone. APP, you can enjoy rich printing functions. Although there are many such printers on the market now, you must have heard of the pocket printers that can print three sizes for the first time.

Phomemo M02S Pocket Printer
Phomemo M02S pocket printer is independently designed and developed by QuYin Technology. As an upgraded version of the previous generation M02, M02S still maintains a lightweight appearance, adopts envelope elements, has a resolution increased to 300dpi, and supports three print sizes, which means M02S Not only can it be used for learning, it also expands more practical scenarios.

Where can it be used? I will give you a brief introduction today.

(1) Learning Applications

For the three learning stages of elementary school, junior high school, and high school, Phomemo M02S can be used to take photos to search for questions and solve problems, as well as DIY test papers for efficient practice; the efficiency of hand-painted complex graphics is too low, M02S can help students sort out wrong questions, saving effort and time. Say goodbye to handwritten notes. Word formula knowledge points can be printed out and memorized, and useful web articles can also be printed out for easy viewing. M02S is a good helper for learning, and students can learn and improve themselves at home.

Phomemo M02S Pocket Printer
(2) Hand Account Applications

Life needs to have a sense of ritual, use Phomemo M02S to record wonderful stories, print photos to record the bits and pieces of life, a large number of super interesting high-definition materials are continuously updated, beautiful and fun, making handbook materials, handbook tape, handbook tape, and rich The types of consumables meet a variety of usage needs, and you can do different handbooks.

Phomemo M02S Pocket Printer
(3) Life Applications

Added the label treasure box function and two print sizes of 15mm/25mm, which can be used to print label identification, whether it is the switch and product identification in the home environment, the identification of maternal and child products, or the classification identification for daily storage and organization. You can edit and print the template with one click, so that your life will be organized and give you a comfortable home environment.

Phomemo M02S Pocket Printer
(4) Office Applications

Complicated daily work requires a clear work plan. M02S can print to-do lists, schedules, important reminders, notes, etc., memo reminders, to help clarify work ideas.

Phomemo M02S Pocket Printer
In addition, the Phomemo M02S pocket printer can also be used for parent-child enlightenment education, making reading notes and other fields. The rich application scenarios bring more practicality and possibilities to your life, and there are so many wonderful things waiting for you to discover.

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