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What functions can the M02 portable pocket printer bring for users

What functions can the M02 portable pocket printer bring for users

What is a pocket printer? Pocket printers are hand-held miniature printers that can usually be wirelessly connected to mobile devices to print pictures, stickers, etc.

Users can carry a pocket printer almost anywhere. Phomemo M02 portable pocket printer fits best in the palm of your hand and can be easily put into your wallet or backpack to print what you need anytime, anywhere.

The M02 portable pocket printer is very easy to use. In most cases, users only need to connect it to their smartphone via Bluetooth, and then use the app to select the photos they want to print. Although it is black and white printing, this M02 portable pocket printer application allows them to perform some operations before printing photos, such as adding borders, filters, emojis, stickers, or funny text on the photos. The back of the printed paper is usually sticky, so you can peel off the printed content and paste it wherever you need it.

Ice icream green M02 pocket printer

In addition, the printer is also very suitable for various manual projects. For example, you can easily start your own DIY projects with the M02 portable pocket printer, such as DIY cards, DIY bookmarks, DIY stickers, etc.

DIY projects - M02 pocket printer


So far, the M02 portable pocket printer can also be used for the following purposes:

1.Print the to-do list

People who often forget things used to write daily to-do items on sticky notes with a pen. And using an M02 portable pocket printer is more convenient than before to record to-do items. You can directly enter the to-do list in the template market of the application. There are a large number of cute and interesting templates to choose from. Enter text in the selected template content, print it with one click, and make the to-do list for a new day up. Print out the to-do list and paste it to add to the diary, office desk or home wall, so that you can remember and always remind yourself what you need to do that day.

make to do list-M02 blutooth pocket printer

2.Happy coloring

Users who like coloring can print some cartoon drawings or blank pattern drawings through the M02 portable pocket printer, and cut the printed drawings independently, and paste them on the journal book to fill in colors freely, and feel the fun of different coloring.

print image to coloring with M02 thermal pocket printer

3.Print a memo and message

In the M02 portable pocket printer APP, you can choose to set the print density before printing the content. Users can also set their favorite font and size for editing and printing when they leave a message. When you are out or need to leave an urgent word, so convenient to print a message with one click and can be pasted on any eye-catching place at home at any time to remind others.

print message with M02 portable pocket printer



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