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How To Wrap A Birthday Gift with Thermal Transfer Label Printer

How To Wrap A Birthday Gift with Thermal Transfer Label Printer

It is understood that the gift-giving tradition does not start with the modern festivals we celebrate every winter. Many ancient cultures celebrate various festivals that involve gift-giving. A long long time ago, people were eager to hide the identity of gifts at the right time, which led people to start wrapping gifts.

gift giving

Birthday is the most special day for everyone. Gifts are also a way for you to express love and care for your family, friends and loved ones. Therefore, giving relatives, family and friends a small gift or wrapping it in a fun and colorful way at a special moment like a birthday can make them feel special on their special day.

wish you happy

If your gift has nice packaging, then you can win people's hearts when giving gifts. And a perfect birthday gift must have beautiful wrapping. Gift packaging may bring anxiety to many people, but don't worry! If you like DIY projects every day and want to know how to wrap gifts for your family, friends or your loved ones, then this article is definitely for you. In this blog,  we will show you how to wrap a birthday gift. It only takes a few steps to wrap a special gift for your loved one, and you will also impress the person who received the gift.

You need to prepare some tools and materials to wrap the gift:

The tools are as follows:

A solid glue or double-sided tape

A pair of sharp scissors

tools and materials to wrap the gift

The materials are as follows:

Paper boxes (gift boxes bought in stores or old paper boxes at home)

Birthday gift wrapping paper (you can choose the corresponding style of wrapping paper according to the gift recipient)

Bubble wrap

Thermal transfer printer

Ribbon (special ribbon consumables are used here)

Sticker (optional)

Wrapping Steps:

Step 1: Get ready to wrap the gift

First prepare basic materials and tools, such as paper boxes, wrapping paper, solid glue and scissors, and place them on the table

Step 2: Put the gift in the box

You can buy the gift box in the same shop where you bought the wrapping paper, or you can use the old carton at home as a gift box. Take out and open the box, first lay a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom, and then put the prepared gift such as a sticker into the square box and wrap it with bubble film, which can effectively protect the gift in good condition from damage, as shown in the figure Shown

Lay a layer of bubble wrap

put gift into box

Lay a layer of bubble wrap

Step 3: Close the box

Use a thermal transfer label printer to print a personalized text sticker and stick it on the surface of the bubble film and close the box

print every day

golden paper with everyday

Close the gift box

Step 4: Unfold and cut the wrapping paper

Unfold the wrapping paper on a flat table and cut it into a suitable size of paper. The paper should be twice the length of the carton and should be able to cover both sides of the carton.

Step 5: wrap the box

①Put the gift box in the middle of the gift wrapping paper, then turn the paper on the left side of the carton over to wrap the upper part of the box, and then fold the paper on the right side up to cover the paper on the left side;

wrapping birthday gift box

② Then, start to fold the wrapping paper on both sides of the box edge in turn, and use solid glue to fix it to prevent the paper from falling off, so that the gift box is preliminarily packaged.

wrapping birthday gift box-2

wrapping birthday gift box-3

Step 6: DIY gift box surface

It's time to add some decoration to the box! Use this thermal transfer printer to print some text stickers and pattern stickers for personalized decoration of the cover of the gift box, enriching the surface of the gift box.

DIY gift box surface

print every day sticker again

print love you sticker

print my friend sticker

decorate gift box with stickers

Step 7: Add the bow

It's time to add a bow. The uniqueness of this printer is that it also has unique ribbon tape, which is a good helper for you to decorate your gifts. After replacing the ordinary tape in the printer with ribbon tape, you can start to enjoy a different printing experience. After printing the ribbon with a birthday gift, grab each side like a shoelace and tie it to make it into a bow. What an exquisite birthday gift box packaging is complete.

replace another tape

print ribbon tape

print happy birthday day

Tie up ribbon tape

Tie the ribbon into a bow

In fact, it is not difficult to wrap birthday gifts. Just prepare some materials and tools at home, and you can easily make something beautiful and look different from the general gift packaging in the store. As you can see, wrapping gifts is easy! Try it now!

wrap a birthday gift box with P12 thermal transfer label printer

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