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What fun ways can the T02 portable pocket printer bring to users

What fun ways can the T02 portable pocket printer bring to users

The overall size of the T02 portable pocket printer is only 87mm*90mm*40mm. With its cute pocket size and easy-to-use features, it is also very suitable for travel and carrying. No matter where you go, you can easily put it in your pocket or backpack and print photos and various stickers and content.

Phomemo T02 printer

Especially, to avoid damaging your printer while you use it, Phomemo also provides shaped silicone protective covers in three shapes, which are very protective and can be used as a cushion to prevent any damage and scratches to the device.


silicone protective covers with T02

The T02 portable pocket printer brings a higher cost performance, but the function and quality are consistent. That is a very good choice for those users who want to start with a portable mini printer. Furthermore, it's an ideal gift at Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, or holiday presents for your children, family members, and friends,  bringing them a pleasant printing experience.

Phomemo T02 mini thermal printer

Next, let us introduce some fun ways what the T02 portable pocket printer bring:

1. Easily to print image

Usually, we take a lot of photos with mobile phones. These photos are precious memories in our lives, right? But in fact is that we rarely print any photos because we often suffer from frequent printing of photos and high costs, which can be troublesome. But with the Phomemo T02 portable pocket printer, so easily prints out any photos you like at the touch of a button. Although the resolution is not particularly high, it is still sufficient for your own scrapbooking or photo collage wall.

T02 mini pocket printer

 2. Quickly make to-do-list

Are you always lost in your work and life? There is a “to-do lists” function in this printer app which comes with varied templates and you can choose your favorite and then printing them out. Important matters can be printed out by the T02 portable pocket printer, put in your pocket, or posted on the office desk, so that you can see it anytime and anywhere, and remind you all the time, such as meetings outlines, reminders to drink water, work notes, supermarket shopping lists, etc.

T02 mini printer

3. Happy coloring

It‘s great for parent-child interaction activities with drawing and coloring. If you have children at home, it’s not difficult to search for some simple strokes material pictures on the web and print them out. You can print some cartoon images for your children through the T02 mini portable pocket printer, or choose your children’s favorite cartoons from the smartphone to print them out. When The pattern image is printed, allowing children to fill in colors freely and feel the joy of coloring.

T02 thermal pocket printer
2 comments on What fun ways can the T02 portable pocket printer bring to users
  • E. Coombe
    E. Coombe

    I just got my T02 printer.
    Would love to use it for printing arrow labels! I’m a competitive archer, need labels for EVERYTHING!
    Would love to see more animal and sports graphics.
    So far I’m liking this wee printer!

    May 27, 2024
  • Ccc

    How long will the color black work? Do I change a “toner” or color?

    July 09, 2024
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