Phomemo 12mm Black on Colors Thermal Tapes for P12 / P12PRO -5 Packs

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    • P12 Labels Compatible with DYMO LetraTag 200B Label Makers LT-100H, LT-100H Plus, LT-100T, LT-100T Plus, XM, XR, 2000, QX50, Phomemo P12, Phomemo P12-Pro Label Maker.
    • Model: Q5-TB231(Black on White), Q5-TB531(Black on Blue),Q5-TBP31(Black on Pink),Q5-TBY31(Black on Yellow),Q5-TBG31(Black on Green) Original tape.
    • Material: Plastic, 5-Pack P12 Labels replacement for Dymo letratag refills. Width: 12 mm(0.47 inch); Length: 4 m (13 feet).
    • Features: Compatible Phomemo P12 labels split back design for easy peel and application. It is the replacement for dymo label maker refills, removed easily, making it convenient for labeling.
    • Application: P12 label maker tape for indoor use and designed to withstand daily wear and tear. They offer excellent resistance against fading, smudging, and scratching, ensuring your prints remain sharp and legible over time.

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