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Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S
Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.

Edith Sitwell


Prezzo originale $66.99 - Prezzo originale $68.99
Prezzo originale
$66.99 - $68.99
Prezzo attuale $66.99
Color: Green

Delivery time

From US to US: 1 - 3 days

From China to US & other countries: 7 - 10 days

Make A Bundle!

M04S bundles with White Sticker Paper

Compatible With 53/80/110mm width thermal paper.

The maximum printing width of Phomemo M04S portable printer is 110mm, and the large size thermal paper prints documents more clearly, which is very suitable for printing images or materials in schools or offices.

Easy-to-use editing Phomemo APP

Support 11 languages, 50+ fonts, free image materials can be used unlimitedly you can use to edit:

DIY journal
mini banner

When you need to print the notes of the book, you can choose the OCR function to directly recognize the text of the book and edit it.

[Child Education] in Phomemo APP

Phomemo APP has launched a new feature dedicated to early children education, providing parents with free learning materials to help you teach your children letters and numbers.

 Not only that, but you can also print painting patterns, digital games, mazes, etc. Hundreds of pictures can be used at will.

The New features cover

Number flashcards
Alphabet flashcards
Coloring pages