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Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S
Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S

M08F Letter & A4 Portable Printer

by Phomemo
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$209.99 - $209.99
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Only USD$149.99! Buy M08F enjoy auto-20%-discount when check-out!

Please be noted that there're 2 different versions for M08F:

Letter Version: This model supports 11.6" x 8.5", 27.9cm x 21.6cm size thermal letter paper

A4 Version: This model supports 11.69" x 8.27", 29.7cm x 21cm size thermal A4 paper

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Color: Black & Green

Phomemo M08F Printer

Designed to Give you a New & Modern Printing Way.

Ultra-small size, fits your car, backpack, and more, printer for convenient printing anywhere, anytime.

Connect M08F to your Phone or Tablet Bluetooth Connection

 Get phomemo App from App Store or Google Play. Click the button in the upper right corner of the App to connect to Bluetooth

Connect M08F printer to your Laptop Data Cable Connection

Install the driver. Connect the M08F printer to your computer with supplied data cable.

Phomemo Portable Printer M08F, thermal lable printer, A4 printer, connect via bluetooth, inkless, high-quality, compact printer, apply to android, iOS, laptop, deal for business, life.


"The built quality is great. M08F Letter portable printer is quite small in size, not very heavy and easy to carry around. It is great for portability and traveling."


Phomemo M08F Letter portable printer is quite smaill in size, not very heavy, light, easy to carry around.It is great for portability and traveling because it is inkless, high quality, compact designed, connect with bluetooth, apply for phone, laptop, android, IOS, iPhone, computer.
Phomemo M08F is portable and compact, quick printing on the go or business traveling, inkless, no need ink, thermal printer, so save money.

Portable and Compact

Quick printing on the go or business traveling.

Phomemo printer has high quality, M08F is a thermal printer, so no need ink, toner, or ribbons, save more money. thermal paper, monochrome print, it is easy to use, convient in anytime and anywhere. Multiple usage scenarios, business, study, travelling.

No Ink Printing

No need ink, toner, or ribbons, just carry thermal paper(monochrome print).

Phomemo M08F printer is equipped with high-quality, clear printing effect. No need ink, thermal printer, upgraded printing algorithm, print clear, fit for college student, it can be used in school, college, university, office, meeting.

High Quality Printing

M08F-Letter bluetooth wireless printer is equipped with high-quality print head, Easy to achieve clear printing effect.

Phomemo M08F thermal printer is poratable and compact, it can print anytime and anywhere. It is a good helper for you whether you are at work or in life. For student, teacher, professor, business, white collar, driver.

Print Anytine Anywhere

Whether you are at work or in life, M08F is a good helper for you to solve all problems.

We have made a Quick Start Guide for Phomemo M08F users, even the people who don't know much about computers can use it easily. Printr high-quality, clear Word, PDF, picture, web page. For student, business, in workplace, meeting, college, univeristy, travelling.

Easy to Set Up

Suitable for installation by people who don't know much about computers. We have made a Quick Start Guide for you to learn to use the printer easily

 Phomemo M08F has internal battery, on single charge,it can print up to 140 pages. For college students in university, thermal print note, picture, Word, DPF, web page without ink, toner, or ribbons, save money and easy to use.

College Students

It has internal battery so you don't need power source. You can print up to 140 pages on a single charge

M08F is a good thermal printer made by Phomemo, there is a Silicone pad on the bottom of it to protect your portable and compact printer, at the same time, help you use it easily in many scenarios, for example, office, college, school, cafe, car, drive, travelling, business, meeting, workplace.

On the Drive

Silicone pad on the bottom to protect your Portable Printer

M08F is a thermal printer with good compatibility, it can print Word, PDF, web pages, pictures, tattoos when you connect it via bluetooth to your android, IOS, phone, mobile, so you can print anytime and anywhere. Also it can connect to computer, laptop via USB.


M08F-Letter can not only print Word, PDF, but also web pages, pictures, and even tattoos... (ONLY monochrome)

The Phomemo M08F is a thermal printer suitable for office, meeting, college, shool, university, drive, travelling purposes, offering a range of functions like print Word, web page, PDF and features that cater to various needs and requirements in professional settings.

Office & Meeting

The Phomemo M08F is designed for college students, providing them print PDF, Word, web page funtions to meet their needs and M08F can connect with IOS, iPhone, android via bluetooth to enhance their academic experience.

College Students

The M08F is cater to the needs of drivers, because of inkless, portable and compact, easy to use, sava money.

On the Drive

The M08F is a thermal printer in business and meeting, it can print PDF, Word, web page, documents quickly, because it can connect with mobile (bluetooth) and use APP to DIY


Compact Design

Perspective view showing the compact design of the M08F, it is portable, compact and light. It is a good thermal printer designed and made by Phomemo.

Clearer Print

Phomemo M08F-Letter uses an upgraded printing algorithm, it is recommended to match (Phomemo thermal paper 8.5"x11") original consumables to make your printing clearer.

View M08F Paper.

Phomemo M08F-Letter uses an upgraded printing algorithm, to make the printing clearer. So it is for college students, business, meeting, and drive.

Expand Your Business Anywhere

Phomemo M08F-Letter portable printer is very suitable for temporarily printing invoices, lists, etc. on site

Phomemo M08F-Letter portable printer is a thermal printer, it can temporarily printing invoices, lists, PDF, Word, web page, it is the good helper for business.

High Compatibility

Easily print documents, pictures, web pages from your mobile phone.

If you need computer printing, please use a USB cable to connect (PC driver download website

M08F can not only connect to computer via usb cable, but also connect to cell phone via Bluetooth to print documents, pictures, web pages.

About M08F

Mobile Device Printing: Easily print from your iPhone, iPad, or Android with the Phomemo App.

Compact and Space-saving Design: Portable printer weighing just 2lb and only 1.5in thick, able to fit in your bag or briefcase for easy transporting and surprisingly light for long commute times. Our travel printer great concept for On-site printing from anywhere needed, like if traveling for work, business, office, home, car, or university for example.

Inkless Printing: Small Printer use thermal technology - don't require ink, toner, or ribbons, no ink-related blockages and cleaning issues. And instead you only need to replace the thermal paper and you're good to go, each thermal paper costs only $0.12, cheaper than traditional ink cartridges + paper.

Strong Compatibility: Print PDF, Word, Images, Web from your phone—whenever, wherever. You can also use a USB cable to connect for computer printing.

High Quality Printing: The M08F-Letter thermal printer provides superior print clarity resulting in hassle-free printing- high quality crisp, dark imaging and smooth printing effects and fast processing.(Black and white print)

This wireless bluetooth printer is suitable for "Phomemo M08F Letter Thermal Paper", using other consumables from unknown sources may reduce the life of the printer.

How to Print on Phones -
1.) Power on printer. You may have to hold the power button (top left) down for a few seconds if it doesn't come on with one click.
2.) Download the “Phomemo” from your app store.
3). Enable BT on your phone > return to the Phomemo app & click to add device.
4.) Selected the M08F-Letter (for this model)- wait for it to pair & BOOM you should be connected. It took not even 5 minutes to set-up & print. **If pairing took to long - reboot the printer by holding the power button down then back on again & return to the app to pair. It was so easy to set up.

What's in the box?

M08F portable printer x1

Letter thermal paper x10 sheets

Soft storage pouch x1

USB-A to USB-C charging cable (80cm) x1

Instructions, Quick Start Guide x1


1. Must use a USB cable to use the PC, currently M08F don't support Bluetooth to connect to the PC.

2. Please keep the thermal paper in a room temperature and dark environment, and it can be stored for up to ten years.

Note: Overheating of the machine can cause paper jams!!!

● If the pattern is too complex or large shaded pattern, the machine needs to process too much information and the machine will easily overheat, resulting in a paper jam.

● Do not transfer complex patterns continuously, you need to wait until the cover is opened to allow the machine to cool down sufficiently. Touch the thermal metal print head to see if the machine is cool.

M08F A4 & Letter Pinter

Small size means it can be easily carried anywhere Clearer Print

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