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Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S
Click Here 👉Shipping Label Sheets for PM-241BT & PM-246S

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PM-246S Direct Thermal High Speed 4×6 Label Printer | Pink

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$83.99 - $83.99
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Color: Pink

Delivery time

From US to US: 1 - 3 days

From China to US & other countries: 7 - 10 days

thermal label printer

Create your logo sticker for your porduct? Grow your business with PM246S.

Please run the automatic label identification function at your first use!!

Q: How to run the automatic label identification?

A: Reference manual step 2: label loading section.

1. Turn on the power.

2. Insert labels and make sure labels go in straight and smooth. Then the printer will catch the label automatically.

3. Press and hold the feedback button. While you see the blue light flashes 2 times you can release the button. Then the printer will finish the automatic label identification process.



  • One-click installation: No more complex procedures. Everyone can click the "next" button and finish installation.
  • Any stickers or labels: It compatible with any size labels. If your labels are direct thermal label, we can print on it.
  • Good for your business: Product labels, barcode labels, logo stickers, shipping labels. Any label which can help your business, we support it all!!


thermal label printer. driver installation. easy
thermal label printer. design and print labels easily with labelife

Labelife - PDF cutting and labels creator

Labelife Highlights Features


  • PDF cropping support: You can import PDF files to labelife and achieve batch crop or single page crop with our crop function.
  • Creative Center: You can create labels in a familiar UI. We provide you with a powerful library of materials as well as barcode functions. Make it easy and simple for you to create labels for your products.
  • Iterative Update: We are still taking in more demands from users and adding features to the software. So we would like to get feedback from our users. We take user feedback very seriously and will continue to add new features in future versions.We would like our users to create our labelife together with us.

thermal lebel printer. green mailing label printer.


Q: Can not set up with you MAC?

A: If there is a error ‘pkg’ can’t be opened because it is from undentified developer when installing the driver, please follow the steps below to allow the macOS to finish the installation.


  1. Go to the Security & privacy
  2. Select to allow the 'LabelPrinter.pkg' in the option pointed.


Then you can install the printer driver.

pink label printer Dark grey thermal label printer Phomemo thermal label. 500pcs per stack phomemo thermal lebels. 250pcs per roll. one roll phomemo thermal labels. 250pcs per roll. 2 rolls
Pink PM246S series thermal label printer Grey PM246S series thermal label printer Fan-fold thermal lebels 500pcs Roll thermal labels 250pcs per roll x 1 Roll thermal labels 250pcs per roll x 2
Color Pink Grey Black on white Black on white Black on white
Print tech direct thermal direct thermal direct thermal direct thermal direct thermal
Quantity 1 1 500 labels 250 labels 500 labels
Type / / fan-fold roll roll
Phomemo T02 Portable Bluetooth Mini Pocket Thermal Printer


Packing Listing:

Phomemo PM246S Shipping Label Printer(Pink)* 1

USB Cable * 1

Power Adapter * 1
Power Cord * 1
Quickstart Guide * 1
U Disk * 1
4×6 Test Labels * 10

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