D50 Large Label Maker Machine

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    • Mini Label Maker- New Design Phomemo D50 handheld label printer with a cutter button, builed-in blade design would not hurt your hand, D50 label machine can identify label sizes and pattern automatically, print more easily and fast.
    • Print Wider Label Width- Phomemo D50 label maker can print 16/20/24mm width label, compatible with die-cut/transparent/continuous paper label style, more than 20+ types label you can freely choose.
    • Waterproof Label- Phomemo D50 label contains six professional protective layers, which are effectively waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-proof, and more resistant to light and heat. D50 label has strong adhension , and the adhesive has a cut line for easy removal and stick.
    • Multifunctional APP- [Print Master] APP has 300+ Icons, 50+ templates and 20 fonts for free. And will be updates every 2 months. Support 11 languages. Customize your own label freely.
    • Bluetooth Label Maker- Phomemo D50 label printer compatible with phones or tablets. Donwload [Print Master] APP and connect the printer via the APP. DO NOT CONNET IN THE PHONE SYSTEM. Charged by Type-C cable.

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Color: Green
Make a bundle: Printer
Color: Green
Make a bundle: Printer


D50 Label Maker is a multi-purpose label machine.This mini label printer has a wide range of uses and involves many occasion: condiment marking, snack shelf life mark, organization label, documents classification, selling tag,Home Use and so on.

D50 label maker can print multiple labels in batches, which can effectively help you save time. At the same time you still use it for landscape/portrait printing.

Large battery capacity
Intelligent identification label function
Self-contained label cutter
Exclusive APP editing label
Bluetooth connection

Support a wide variety of Labels

D50 label printer has a variety of label styles to choose from,upports not only Pre-cut Label ,transparent labels and continuous labels.D50 label printer has hundreds of materials and functions, you can use these materials to customize labels. It will continue to update the material on the app. You will have endless printing materials.

Durable Friction resistant
Tear off without leaving marks

Pre-cut Label for
D50 Label Printer

(20mm X 40mm)

Transparent Label for D50 Label Printer

(20mm X 40mm)

Continuous Label for D50 Label Printer

(20mm X 6m)

Pre-cut Label for D50 Label Printer

(20mm X 40mm)