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How a shipping label printer enables small businesses to print package labels faster

How a shipping label printer enables small businesses to print package labels faster

The speed of the printer will directly affect productivity. If you want to print a few labels every day, then the printer speed may not be that important to you, but for small businesses, to develop their own online e-commerce business, if they need to print hundreds of labels to ship the parcels to the customer, the printing speed is very important.

phomemo thermal 4x6 label printer with small business

At this time, if want to print labels for shipping parcels faster, having a thermal shipping label printer can solve the problem of slow printing speeds of traditional inkjet printers and laser printers due to the need to replace ink.

In order to reduce the time to deliver packages and improve its efficiency, our  4×6 shipping label printer can provide small businesses with professional parcel shipping label solutions and provide high-speed shipping package label printing.

Phomemo PM-246 Pro thermal 4x6 label printer

The ink loading process of an ordinary printer is time-consuming and also contains the cost of ink. And this 4x6 shipping label printer provides excellent reliability. It uses thermal innovative technology to work by heating the thermal paper. The thermal paper has a special dye that reacts to the heat of the printer, so it can be printed on the thermal paper. There is no need to replace the toner or ink in the process of using the 4x6 shipping label printer, so they can avoid the trouble of refilling ink regularly and save you the cost of the long-term purchase of ink cartridges.

When they buy a label at the post office, it is actually the postage purchased at the retail price. Fortunately, this 4×6 shipping label printer allows them to print shipping labels for parcels shipped at home, eliminating the time spent waiting in line at the post office and saving the cost of buying labels.
using 4x6 shipping label printer print parcels at home

It the most worth mentioned that this thermal 4×6 shipping label printer adopts a direct heating function and is specially designed for high-volume shippers. Its printing width can reach 4 inches, the speed can reach 6 inches per second, and it can work continuously for more than 12 hours easily. There is no need to worry about the long-term charging of excessive orders and the inconvenience of carrying the goods.

High Speed Thermal 4×6 Shipping Label Printer

 It can print labels with various widths and heights, especially suitable for 4 inches x 6 inches shipping labels, address labels, Amazon FBA labels, Amazon warehouse labels, barcodes, etc.


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