Phomemo M03AS Portable Printer

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    • New version thermal printer-Phomemo M03AS upgraded wide format mini printer, cute envelope shape, compatible with three sizes of thermal paper, 15mm/53mm/80mm, both can print file and small labels.
    • Highly Resolution - Phomemo M03AS portable thermal printer adopts thermal printing technology, HD resolution is 300dpi, no ink or ribbon is required. The printed pattern or text is clear and neat, and will not drop ink and will not turn black over time.
    • Bluetooth Portable Printer - Use [Phomemo] APP and connect to the printer for editing, you can print photos, text, web pages, documents, labels, etc., support 11 national languages, 50+ fonts, hundreds of free patterns can be used, and updated monthly.
    • Early Education Function - Phomemo APP new function, you can use the patterns inside to print flashcards for children's education, such as alphabet or number flashcards, you can also print the games or coloring pages to play with your kids, a very convenient and useful printer for preschoolers to learn.
    • Multifunctional Mini Printer - Phomemo M03AS is suitable for everyone, simple and convenient, you can print photos, notes or labels at home, print documents at school or office, and is also a very good gift choice for holidays or birthdays.

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Make a bundle: Printer
Make a bundle: Printer

The Wide Format & Envelop Style Portable Printer-- M03AS

We launched a new feature in Phomemo APP -- [Early Education], dedicating to early children education, providing parents with multiful and interesting materials to help your childs learn math, letter in fun.

 ●Number Flashcards
 ●Alphabet Flashcards
 ●Coloring Flashcards
 ●Intelligent Games

M03AS is compatible with 15/ 53/ 80mm paper. It's a muitifuntion super printer with aesthetic look.

Compatible with phones and tablets. Please download it on Google Play or Apple Store.

There're plenty of ways to do with Phomemo:

●Edit text
●Photos printing
●DIY Jounal
●File printing ( Word/ PDF )
●Printing url
●Labels printing
●Graphic stickers

Bluetooth Connection

Turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone or tablet, please connect the printer from the APP, do not connect the printer directly with the mobile phone, otherwise it will not work properly.

High Resolution 300DPI

High-definition resolution, print photos, images, and text more clearly. Using thermal technology, no ink drop, no blackening

New paper loading

When you use different sizes of thermal paper, fix the paper roll with the small black plastic sheet and insert it into the corresponding size slot.