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Why does your online business need a 4x6 thermal label printer

Why does your online business need a 4x6 thermal label printer

Starting a successful online business means considering many small things. When successfully sending a parcel, printing an online shipping label is one of the seemingly insignificant things, but it is a vital link that affects your business.

online business with Phomemo PM-246 Pro

The accuracy of all the information contained on the shipping label is the key to ensuring that the parcel arrives safely and without error. If there is no accurate shipping label information, there may be errors in the shipping process of the package, which may cause dissatisfaction with customers and give bad reviews to your business cooperation. Therefore, you need a thermal 4x6 label printer that can better develop your online business and meet your online e-commerce transportation needs.


Phomemo PM246 Pro 4x6 shipping label printer

Our 4x6 shipping label printer can meet the transportation needs of online e-commerce. This is great for small business practitioners who need to print online shipping labels but may not have the budget to afford more expensive printers. This thermal 4x6 label printer is a desktop printer, you can edit and print the shipping labels you need by connecting to a computer. You don’t need to print labels on standard-size copy paper, which saves lots of time to the post office and a good helper for you to start an online business at home.

Phomemo PM-246 Pro 4×6 Shipping Label Printer

This 4x6 shipping label printer can meet the needs of online retailers and e-commerce sellers. This is one of the printers most suitable for major transportation and sales platforms, such as, Endicia Dazzle, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, Shippo, ShipWorks, Ordoro and other third-party platforms, as well as e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc.

Phomemo PM246 Pro 4x6 thermal label printer

It is worth mentioning that this thermal 4x6 shipping label printer is easy to use, fast printing speed, 6 inches per second fast printing, and a 4"x 6" shipping label can be generated in a few seconds, which can meet the needs of mass shipments. Our 4x6 thermal shipping label printer printed the shipping label content and bar code is clear, the label is waterproof, oily, strong, and not easy to fade, which can ensure that your label information is displayed accurately.
high speed of Phomemo PM246 Pro shipping label printer

Prepare a thermal 4x6 label printer for your online business, start your e-commerce business smoothly, and seek more cooperation.

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