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Inkless Sticker Printer: Phomemo T02 Set Up and Review
Table of Contents🎁

Inkless Sticker Printer: Phomemo T02 Set Up and Review

Table of Contents🎁

Today, I have an exciting surprise for you: the inkless sticker printer T02 from Phomemo. Small yet powerful, this mini thermal printer utilizes cutting-edge thermal printing technology to bring your creations to life. Say goodbye to ink cartridges, the Phomemo T02 seamlessly transforms your designs into stickers at the touch of a button, allowing you to print with ease. There are also a variety of colors, styles, and materials of thermal stickers to meet your needs. But most importantly: with simple installation and connectivity, printing directly from your smartphone is a breeze. So if you're ready to unleash your creativity, join me in the world of infinite creativity with the Inkless Sticker Printer Phomemo T02.

inkless sticker printer in a hand

Let's start with the basics

Even if you've never used a printer before or are unfamiliar with printers, you can still easily start using the T02 printer with just three simple steps:

  • First, let's take a quick look at what's inside the packaging of the T02. You will get a mini printer T02, a USB cable, a paper holder, and one roll of thermal label. PS. The paper holder and thermal label are inside the printer. No worry about installing them!
  • Use the USB cable to fully charge the battery before using it the first time, turn on the thermal printer, and press and hold the power button for three seconds.
  • You can use your mobile phone or tablet to download the Phomemo APP.  Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, search for the printer in the APP “Phomemo” and connect for printing.
Connect the inkless printer with the phone via bluetooth


What is an inkless sticker printer?

Instead of using ink and toners, it works its magic with direct thermal printing. You just pop in the thermal paper, and it uses heat to make these awesome stickers appear out of nowhere! And get this – no messy ink cartridges to deal with! It's perfect for labeling all your stuff or getting crafty with custom stickers for your journal or laptop! Plus, it's portable, so you can take your sticker-making party wherever you go! 

Inkless sticker printer APP

The mobile app "Phomemo" is compatible with both Android and iOS systems and offers numerous free sticker templates that you can use anytime. They are perfect for to-do lists, bullet journals, calendars, study notes, and more.

the interface of phomemo app


You can also print photo stickers directly from your phone in just a few seconds. Yes, just a few seconds! Instantly hold physical photos in your hand and then stick them in your planner or album. It's amazing!

Below are a few photo examples of the various uses of the inkless sticker printer.

To-do lists:

Use inkless sticker printer to create to-do lists


Bullet journals:

thermal stickers
Use an inkless sticker printer to create bullet journal


Study notes:

Use inkless sticker pritner to print study notes


Photo albums:

Use inkless sticker pritner to create photo album


Choose your stickers

Phomemo has got a bunch of thermal stickers to choose from – over a dozen types. You can pick from colored, transparent, adhesive, non-adhesive, and more. It's all about finding what fits your style and vibe, whether you're into labeling your stuff or adding a personal touch to your journal.

Phomemo’s thermal paper is also known for its top-notch quality in the industry. This thermal paper delivers excellent printing results, and here's the kicker – it's waterproof, oil-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Talk about durability, right?

With this kind of thermal paper, you're getting both quality prints and durability, making it a solid choice for all your sticker-making needs.

inkless printer stickers

Ready to Shop?

This inkless sticker printer is cute, fun, and super easy to use. Plus, it's compact, so you can take it wherever you go. Whether you're labeling stuff, making to-do lists, or printing photos, it's got you covered. And imagine bringing it along for travel journals? Talk about convenience! It's a versatile tool for all your creative needs. Shop the inkless sticker printer now and you can enjoy an 8% off (Use the discount code: TIPS8). Let's get printing!

Phomemo discount code




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