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How to use a T02 pocket printer to make your handmade bookmark

How to use a T02 pocket printer to make your handmade bookmark

In this era of e-readers, the way of e-reading is still not as comfortable as snuggling on a comfortable chair and holding a physical book to read. Perhaps this is the scent of the physical book, and it is always comforting to turn the pages of the book manually.

Phomemo T02

If you often like to read physical books, you might like to use bookmarks to keep track of where you are after each reading. Whether you are a person who likes to read, a teacher, a child or a student, bookmarks can add some fun to your reading experience and bring convenience to reading again, while handmade bookmarks can show your unique personality.

 DIY bookmarks are interesting little crafts, they are not difficult to make, you can use any material you like to make them. The T02 pocket printer can turn the ideas in your mind into reality, provide you with rich ideas for making handmade bookmarks, and then start your DIY project without any worries.

Phomemo T02 inkless pocket printer

Before you start trying to use the T02 pocket printer to make unique DIY bookmarks, you can first prepare the following materials:

  • Blank bulk kraft paper: kraft paper is the most widely used and simplest material for making bookmarks
  • Hemp rope: a roll of hemp rope, used to hang the made bookmark
  • Scissors: cut all kinds of printed pattern materials, and the paper that needs to be cut
  • Solid glue: to glue objects or materials together
  • Colored pens: color blank patterns
  • Other decorations: add other decorations

Take out the prepared blank kraft paper in bulk, connect the T02 portable pocket printer with Bluetooth, you can enjoy a creative printing experience at will. The material library of the printer App can meet your needs for handmade bookmark materials, and you can easily choose your favorite patterns and icons for printing, and then cut the pattern according to your inner needs, and fix it on the kraft paper with solid glue. In addition, you can simply paint with colored pens to add bright colors to bookmarks.

Handmade bookmark with T02 pocket printer
Handmade bookmark with T02 creative pocket printer

This DIY bookmark craft is simple and versatile, very suitable for making for yourself or making as a gift for others. While you consider birthday, Christmas, Halloween, New Year holiday gift ideas, pocket printers will create endless possibilities for you.

DIY bookmark with T02 portable pocket printer


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