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How to easily decorate a bullet journal with M03 Bluetooth portable thermal printer

How to easily decorate a bullet journal with M03 Bluetooth portable thermal printer

A bullet journal is a very popular form of a journal. The core is a module for fast recording and unrestricted recording content. It is completely determined by personal preference. Compared with diary and collage, it is more efficient and free. It can be set according to personal preference, which used for daily schedule, the habit of clocking in, reading management, project management, etc.
M03 Bluetooth thermal make bullet  journal

Anyone who loves making bullet journals knows that materials are the soul of journals. Many people often need to collect materials by themselves or download materials from other bloggers to print them online, which is time-consuming and laborious. Using this M03 Bluetooth portable thermal printer can solve everyone’s troubles of the time-consuming searching for material.
five colors options of M03 thermal printer

It is not difficult to find that the Bluetooth portable thermal printer overall compact and exquisite curve design of this Bluetooth portable thermal printer, with bright colors, give people a youthful atmosphere. Its output port has a layer of the paper cutter with sharp teeth, which can help to tear off the printing paper smoothly. The product appearance design is inspired by the space capsule and adopts the detachable structural design of the magnetic paper bin, which can be said to be very portable.

design of M03 Bluetooth portable thermal printer

Compared with digital or Polaroid printers, this simple Bluetooth portable thermal printer is much cheaper to use frequently. It can be used when connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, no ink replacement is required, which saves the cost of purchasing ink cartridges and brings an economical and portable printing experience.
blutooth connection of M03In addition, the M03 Bluetooth thermal printer is different from other inkless printers because it comes with its own application, which can easily select and print any image you choose. Secondly, it uses a Japanese professional print head with high printing resolution. After the APP selects the text or picture to be printed, click the print icon, there is basically no delay when printing, and the paper output process is very smooth. Users can manually edit the content of the paper, from basic text to forms, pictures, and QR codes, all can be customized to design, easily produce personalized print content, and rely on the “Phomemo App” provided The freedom of editing materials and paper strips is also high, and the details of fonts, formats, etc. can be easily adjusted, making the printing process very interesting.
Phomemo App of M03

There are also templates such as “to-do list” in the printer “template market”, which is convenient to quickly record the contents of the bullet journal. With the M03 Bluetooth thermal printer, you can save a lot of time for creating bullet journals and greatly enrich the content of bullet journals. The most important thing is that it can print a lot of materials, whether it is sticky pens or all kinds of text, with one machine in hand, and it can also save a lot of costs for purchasing collage materials.
M03 make to-do-list

For friends who usually like to print pictures or like to make handbooks, the M03 Bluetooth thermal printer is a more versatile gadget, compatible with common 53mm wide printing paper, plus its own 80mm wide printing paper, for printing various contents provide ample space for you to easily decorate your bullet journal.

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