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Household chores be organized with a D30 portable thermal label printer

Household chores be organized with a D30 portable thermal label printer

Nowadays, many households generally use storage tools such as storage boxes, food storage bags, storage tanks and the like to store items. It is not difficult to find that most Japanese housewives make efficient use of the "secret weapon" that can assist storage tool-portable thermal label printer to clean up their homes more efficiently and make their homes tidy and orderly.

In order to meet the needs of contemporary families, the D30 portable thermal label printer provides a cost-effective solution for household item identification, easily helping their homes farewell to messy.

D30 thermal label printer

The condiment label in the kitchen at home, the food classification label in the refrigerator, the classification label in the storage of small objects, the use period label of various drugs and skincare products, etc., the D30 portable thermal label printer can almost mark all kinds of trivial items in the family. It's convenient to carry and easy to use, and it can be operated by connecting the Bluetooth mobile phone APP.

D30 series portable label printer

It supports a variety of label printing widths of 6/12/14/15mm, which can customize and edit text, quickly insert date, time and some small symbols, and can quickly edit and print anytime and anywhere. It is not cumbersome to operate. D30 portable thermal label printer allows you to quickly print out small labels, just tear off the adhesive and stick it on the items.

 Blutooth connection - D30 portable thermal label printer

Refrigerator‘s Food Label

Sorting food and labeling storage bags or storage boxes is a good habit to keep the kitchen organized and prevent food waste. Frozen food, vegetables, fruits, etc. in the refrigerator can be classified according to the variety, and then use our D30 thermal Bluetooth label printer to mark the names of "chicken, pork, fish, vegetables", etc., and store them in sealed containers for easy access.

Refrigerator‘s food label with D30 label printer

Spice Label

For a person who likes to cook, there may be many seasonings in the kitchen. If you want to better identify it, then it's time to create some custom labels. It's not difficult to make, use the D30 Bluetooth portable label printer to mark the top of the container so that you can see at a glance what the corresponding condiment is. The matching label paper can also be effectively water-proof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. After making the corresponding condiment label in the kitchen, you don’t have to worry about getting dirty, and you can also avoid using the wrong condiment during your busy cooking.

Spice label with D30 label printer

Skincare Label

The most common items for girls are all kinds of cosmetics, and it is often difficult for us to remember their shelf life. Put a small label on it and you can see at a glance whether it is a toner or a lotion. The expiration date of cosmetics can be marked with the date label printed by the D30 portable thermal label printer, which can avoid the embarrassment of continuing to use it after the expiration date.

Skincare Label with D30 thermal label maker

Drug or health product label

If there are elderly people at home who need to take medicine and also take health care products, you can make the corresponding label on the medicine bottle. The label indicates the basic specifications of the drug, the quantity and frequency of administration, and the expiration date of the drug, so as to prevent the elderly from accidentally eating, eating less, and forgetting to eat.

Drug or health product label with D30 portable label printer


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