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With an M200 mini label printer, computer room personnel can efficiently maintain cables

With an M200 mini label printer, computer room personnel can efficiently maintain cables

The development of mobile Internet and communication technology cannot do without a huge line system. While they bring convenience to people's lives, they also bring a lot of challenges to the work of practitioners.

Any company has an indispensable computer room, and there may be hundreds of cables in the computer room, and each cable corresponds to different equipment, functions, and other information. In order to ensure that the maintenance personnel of the wiring system of the computer room does not omit during the inspection, it is very important to quickly find and identify the cable when dealing with faults.

Considering the wiring in the computer room, the computer room personnel needs to check the wiring frequently when installing cables and labeling. In addition, the room environment of the computer room is single and the outdoor conditions are limited. Traditional desktop label printers cannot be placed and operated well, however, the M200 mini label printer is an indispensable right-hand device in the work of line maintenance personnel, which can well help their management and maintenance of cables for the latter.

three color options of M200 mini label printer

The M200 mini cable label printer is equipped with a Print Master App, which contains a commonly used cable label template in power communication. Just connect a Bluetooth mobile phone, and personnel can easily select the required communication cable template on the APP to edit the content, which easily prints with the one key, and printing anytime, anywhere they need.

Print Master APP
cable label details can be edited

Large-scale printers are inconvenient to use and must be filled with ink, which consumes ink particularly and the cost of ink is very high. However, the M200 mini cable label printer does not require ink, toner or rollers to print, and adopts thermal printing, which maintains long-term economic printing and greatly saves ink costs in the later period.

Phomemo M200 series printer print cable labels

 Traditional label paper is of poor quality and is not easy to tear, but the compatible thermal paper of the M200 mini label printer does not. Its adhesive is easy to tear, which will not cause inconvenience to the cable identification process of the staff in the computer room. Secondly, the thermal label paper of the M200 label printer has the characteristics of waterproof and oil resistant, high and low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., which can clearly identify the information of the cable and equipment. The label is durable and the quality is high-quality and more assured.

adhesive is easy to tear

easy to paste

 The use of cable labels can not only provide correct daily maintenance for the computer room staff, provide correct guarantees for the handling of abnormal accidents, but also provide help for newcomers, even new computer room personnel or maintenance personnel, as long as they follow the signs, they can be avoided operation error as much as possible. From communication wiring to computer room cabinets and power distribution equipment, the M200 mini label printer can provide you with a professional, efficient, and cost-effective cable labeling solution. From then on, one line and one sign are clear at a glance.

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