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Six K-Pop DIYs Ideas Using a Label Maker

Six K-Pop DIYs Ideas Using a Label Maker

The label makers isn't just for office and business. The versatile label makers can be used to create just about anything, from organizing labels for the kitchen to making study notes for students. In this post, we'll share some K-pop DIYs ideas using the Phomemo label makers to express your love and happiness inspired by your idols. Let's dive in and get crafting together!

1.Incorporate K-Pop into your bullet journals

If you happen to be a Kpop fan enjoy journaling, have you ever thought about incorporating Kpop into your bullet journals? Use the Phomemon M02S to print out the highlights of your idols’ latest concerts or TV appearances, then stick them on your journals. The classic black-and-white photos giving your journal a retro vibe. Moreover, with thermal printing, you don't have to worry about ink smudges spoiling your journals.

Incorporate Kpop into yourbullet journals

2. K-Popify Your Supplies

Your idol could be someone who's incredibly inspiring, with lots of classic quotes. Just picture this: you print out your idols’ famous words using our label makers and stick them on your notebooks, backpack, or laptop. Then, whenever you feel tired from studying or working, seeing those labels with your idol's quotes gives you a boost, as if they're right there cheering you on.
K-Popify Your Supplies

3. Wrap Your Gifts With Unique Ribbon Labels

If you want to give your idol a gift that stands out among other fans' gifts, why not use Phomemo P12 Pro to print out ribbon labels to wrap gifts? Whether it’s a small token of your affection or a festival present, adding a label with a heartfelt message will make the gift outstanding, even more meaningful.

Wrap Your Gifts With Ribbon Labels

4. Design A Tattoo Related To K-Pop

If you’re a Kpop fan, you might have noticed that there are many K-Pop idols that have tattoos like BLACKPINK's Lisa and Rosé, Aespa's NingNing, Kim Hyun-a and so on. The picture below is the tattoo designed by Aespa Ningning. She carved this small tattoo on her wrist. It is very cute and eye-catching.

NingNing's cute tattoo

 If you desire to have the same tattoo as your idol but fear of getting inked, then you can try to use the Phomemo M08F Tattoo Printer. This creative and aesthetic printer makes you able to print out the same tattoo as your idol and stick it to your skin. You can also design a tattoo pattern by yourself then print it out. When you want to change up your tattoo, you can wipe it away with alcohol. It is very easy to use!

Design A Tattoo Related To Kpop with label printer

5.Create A K-Pop Album

If you are a Kpop fan, you surely save many photos of you idols in your phone. Have you ever thought about turning those stunning photos into an exquisite album? With the Phomemo sticker printer, now you can! Capture your favorite idol moments anytime, anywhere, and print them out instantly. These sticky-backed photos are perfect for creating a unique album dedicated to your bias. Stick them onto a gorgeous notebook and add descriptions below, documenting your idol's activities. It's a fun and creative way to show your love and support for your favorite Kpop stars!

Don't miss out on the chance to cherish those precious memories with Phomemo sticker printer. Start creating your one-of-a-kind idol album today!

Create A Kpop Album with sticker printers

6. Create A K-Pop Calendar

Calendars are not just for keeping track of dates, but a great way to jot down your idol's activities or significant occasions. From comeback dates to birthdays and fan meetings, every noteworthy moment can be highlighted and celebrated. Using the Phomemo label printers, you can simply print out labels for each day’s event, then craft the printed labels into a small calendar.

Create A Kpop Calendar with label printers


All in all, Phomemo label makers can help you showcase your love and happiness that you get from your idols with many different ways. There are no rules! I hope this post inspired you even a little with all the creative, aesthetic and fun ideas you could do! Let’s dive into the world of label making and express your love for your idols.

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