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PHOMEMO Launches Inkless Portable Printer on Kickstarter, Revolutionizing Printing Experience
Table of Contents🎁

PHOMEMO Launches Inkless Portable Printer on Kickstarter, Revolutionizing Printing Experience

Table of Contents🎁

PHOMEMO is committed to delivering easy and enjoyable printing experiences worldwide while maintaining the highest industry standards.PHOMEMO is excited to announce the launch of its latest product on Kickstarter on July 2, 2024: the PHOMEMO Inkless Portable Printer P15. The new PHOMEMO P15 is designed to simplify and enhance printing for everyone, whether organizing your home or working on creative projects. Featuring advanced thermal transfer printing technology, the P15 provides long-lasting prints that adhere effortlessly. This ensures your labels and creations remain vibrant and secure over time, offering hassle-free printing and durable results for everyday needs.

PHOMEMO’s Globally Launched Inkless Portable Printer: P15

The PHOMEMO P15 features breakthrough thermal transfer printing technology, which sets it apart from most label makers that can only print on thermal transfer continuous paper. The PHOMEMO P15 can print on both thermal transfer continuous paper and thermal transfer gap paper, meeting a variety of needs. With its top-notch print head, it ensures thermal labels that are clear, long-lasting, and fade-resistant.

PHOMEMO P15 Inkless Printer that can print thermal transfer gap paper

Drawing inspiration from classic postboxes, the PHOMEMO P15 incorporates stylish elements to capture the essence of British charm. Its British color scheme makes it a highlight in any space, featuring three retro buttons, each with a unique function for convenient offline one-click printing. The P15 comes with a Side-Press Cutter, allowing easy label cutting with a simple press, while the blade is safely hidden inside. This inkless printer not only helps you stay organized but also adds a touch of London flair. Practical, stylish, and unique, the PHOMEMO P15 brings joy to your everyday life.

PHOMEMO P15 Retro Inkless Printer

The PHOMEMO P15 is designed with user needs in mind. The P15 is equipped with a smart printing app that provides a diverse selection of pre-designed templates, with over 1,000 symbols, 60+ frames, and various fonts for personalized labels and designs. From adding icons, text, and tables to incorporating symbols, logos, and more, creating custom label stickers directly from the app is seamless and enjoyable. Whether you're including barcodes, QR codes, and images, or utilizing features like Excel integration, document scanning, OCR (optical character recognition), or voice recognition, the P15 simplifies these tasks, saving time and enabling efficient and creative project management.

PHOMEMO P15 comes with a multi-functional App

Versatile Applicationss for the PHOMEMO P15

For Creatives: Harness the P15 to quickly jot down notes and reminders on sticky notes or labels, effortlessly organizing your tasks. Ideal for DIY enthusiasts, its versatile label creation capability is perfect for labeling jars, organizing craft supplies, or marking tools with clear, professional-looking labels. Its portable design ensures easy mobility to any workspace or project area, whether at home, in the office, or engaging in creative projects outdoors.

A woman is using the inkless portable printer P15 to make bullet journal

For Kitchen Organization: In the kitchen, the PHOMEMO P15 simplifies organization by allowing you to affix magnetic memos to your fridge for jotting down recipes, meal plans, or reminders. It's perfect for managing grocery lists and leaving notes for family members, streamlining meal preparation, and kitchen organization.

What’s more, PHOMEMO P15 can print custom labels on magnetic paper for your fridge, whiteboard, or any magnetic surface around your home. Use it for writing grocery lists, leaving notes for family members, or keeping track of important dates and tasks. These magnetic labels not only help you stay organized but also make everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

Using an inkless portable printer PHOMEMO P15 to print our magnetic labels

For Bathroom Organization: The P15 facilitates categorizing and organizing toiletries effortlessly, ensuring everything is easily accessible when needed. Its versatile label creation feature allows printing custom labels on self-adhesive paper. PHOMEMO's labels are exceptionally sticky and waterproof, staying securely in place even with repeated exposure to water. This makes them ideal for organizing bathroom essentials like containers or drawers clearly and effectively.

Sticky and waterproof labels

For Office Organization: In the office, the P15 excels at printing custom sticker labels, making it straightforward to organize files, folders, and office supplies with clarity and efficiency. It's also handy for creating memos to jot down quick notes, reminders, or task lists, helping you stay organized and on track throughout your workday.

Use an inkless portable printer P15 to print labels for file folders

Unique Features of the PHOMEMO P15

Automatic Printer: The Phomemo P15 automatically calibrates the time upon first connection, prints from "The Book of Answers," and offers real-time data printing offline. Perfect for staying organized and inspired wherever you go.

The Book of Answers: With a simple press of the inkless printer's button, you can instantly receive random, amusing messages that entertain and inspire those "aha!" moments. Whether it's a quirky joke, a burst of motivation, or an unexpected idea, this feature acts like your own personal cheerleader in printer form. Additionally, customers can customize content through the app, ensuring personalized enjoyment and creativity.

The Book of Answers Printing of the PHOMEMO Inkless Portable Printer P15

Strong Adhesion: Enjoy unparalleled adhesive strength that guarantees labels adhere firmly and securely, standing the test of time and daily use. This feature not only simplifies organization but also ensures your labeled items stay effortlessly organized and easily accessible throughout your day.

Intelligent Recognition: The PHOMEMO P15 simplifies printing by automatically recognizing embedded chips in labels, eliminating the need for manual entry of specifications. It ensures hassle-free, high-quality printing whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move. This intuitive feature guarantees accurate labels and smooth organization, and with accessories that are installed in just one second, it's quick and easy to set up for any task.

Intelligent Recognition of the PHOMEMO Inkless Portable Printer P15

Easy Installation: With an easy-to-open lid, ensures straightforward operation. It includes a built-in fixed slot for precise one-step installation, making setup quick and effortless. This user-friendly design allows you to seamlessly replace consumables or perform maintenance tasks with ease, ensuring smooth printing experiences whenever needed.

Easy Installation of the PHOMEMO Inkless Portable Printer P15

Where to buy

If you're looking for a portable, efficient, and durable inkless label printer, consider checking out the PHOMEMO P15. The PHOMEMO P15 portable label printer is now available on Kickstarter, where you can get early bird discounts. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be one of the first supporters of the PHOMEMO P15, and experience firsthand the magical device that can change your printing life.

Product Specifications

Product Name: PHOMEMO P15 Inkless Portable Printer

Printer Dimensions: 134*131*46mm (5.3*5.2*1.8in)

Printer Weight: 564g

Printing Resolution: 203dpi (8 dot/mm)

Printing Width: 12mm (Paper Width: 12mm / 14mm)

Printing Speed: 13.6mm/s

Printing Method: Thermal Transfer Printing (ink-free)

Paper Cutting Method: Side-Press Cutter

Paper Compatibility: Die-Cut / Continuous Paper Label

Device Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

APP: Print Master (Android, iOS); Labelife (Windows, Mac)

Power: Li-ion Battery 1200mAh, 3.7V

Charging Time: 2.5h

Hardware Interface: Bluetooth / Type-C

Color Options: Red

What's in the Box?


1 * Special Roll Tape for P15

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * Quick Start Guide

About PHOMEMO: Your Best Choice

PHOMEMO is committed to creating a sustainable future by providing global users with easier and more efficient green printing solutions. Over the years, PHOMEMO has continuously developed innovative products including mini printers, label machines, business label printers, shipping label printers, and portable printers to meet diverse user needs. With over 6.85 million PHOMEMO devices sold worldwide in 197 countries, it has earned the trust of millions of customers.


Now PHOMEMO is proud to announce the launch of its first inkless portable printer on Kickstarter on July 2, 2024. This palm-sized inkless printer features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling simple, reliable, and efficient printing experiences from anywhere, anytime.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity, be one of the first backers of the PHOMEMO P15 and enjoy greater convenience in your daily life!

PHOMEMO P15 Vintage Label Printer on Kickstarter



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