PM-246S/ B246D Direct Thermal High Speed 4×6 Shipping Label Printer (Bluetooth not supported)

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    • Efficiency & Saving Money - Phomemo pink thermal label printer adopts an upgraded ceramic semiconductor print head, which can provide clearer and quite eco-friendly, Using thermal printing paper that has an adhesive back saves your cost of ribbon and ink. Phomemo label printer, DDesigned for small business owners!
    • Wide Compatibility - Phomemo label printer supports labels width from 1 inch to 4.6 inches.It’s compatible with major transportation and sales platforms such as USPS, Shopify, UPS, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, ShipStation, Shippo, Ordoro, etc.It can print up to 72 labels per minute(152mm/s).Print efficiently and conveniently. This product does not support Bluetooth connectivity.
    • One-Click to Setup - Phomemo shipping label printer compatible with Window, Mac and Chromebook, We provide particular installation instruction manual that includes Easy installation of drive, installation guide and setup guide. It only takes you a few minutes to set up.
    • Auto Label Detection - Phomemo label printer could adjust the position automatically and precisely with the intelligent paper return function, Which makes the whole process convenient and fast. You won’t waste any label.
    • Free Replacement Service - Phomemo offer a free replacement service up to 18 months. Provide free lifetime technical support, includes 💬live chat, 📞phone calls(from 9:00am to 18:00pm, Working days) and 📨emails, even remote-desktop operations support as you need.

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Color: Pink
Plug Type: US Plug
Color: Pink
Plug Type: US Plug
Phomemo  PM-246S/ B246D direct label printer, your business assistance, connect to windows, laptop, PC, shipping printer. It is a thermal printer, no ink, save money, high quality print, fast print.

Create your logo sticker for your porduct? Grow your business with PM246S.

 Please run the automatic label identification function at your first use!!

  Q: How to run the automatic label identification?

 A: Reference manual step 2: label loading section.

 1. Turn on the power.

 2. Insert labels and make sure labels go in straight and smooth. Then the printer will catch the label automatically.

3. Press and hold the feedback button. While you see the blue light flashes 2 times you can release the button.
Then the printer will finish the automatic label identification process.


One-click installation: No more complex procedures. Everyone can click the "next" button and finish installation.

Any stickers or labels: It compatible with any size labels. If your labels are direct thermal label, we can print on it.

Good for your business: Product labels, barcode labels, logo stickers, shipping labels. Any label which can help your business, we support it all!!

Phomemo PM-246S, B246D shipping label printer is a thermal printer, no need to buy ink or toners, support to Windows, mac os. Direct print from Amazon, easyship, ebay, endicia, Esty, FedEx, Paypal, poshmark, shippo, shipstation, ordoro, shipworks, DHL, shippingeasy, PM-246S, B246D shipping label printer support Phomemo software, 400% faster than other software, 30s print your label. Easy to use, 3 steps can intall the installer.Phomemo PM-246S, B246D shipping label printer support design and print lables easily with Labelife software, powerful barcode sofeware and labeling solutions that drive business growth. Support MacOS and Windows.

Labelife - PDF cutting and labels creator

 Labelife Highlights Features

  • PDF cropping support: You can import PDF files to labelife and achieve batch crop or single page crop with our crop function.
  • Creative Center: You can create labels in a familiar UI. We provide you with a powerful library of materials as well as barcode functions. Make it easy and simple for you to create labels for your products.
  • Iterative Update: We are still taking in more demands from users and adding features to the software. So we would like to get feedback from our users. We take user feedback very seriously and will continue to add new features in future versions.We would like our users to create our labelife together with us.
Phomemo PM-246S, B246D applys multiple usage scenarios, for example nutrition lables, fast and high quality print, thermal printer, inkless, save money.

Nutrition labels

Phomemo PM-246S, B246D applys multiple usage scenarios, shipping packages lables, fast print applys to your business.

Shipping packages labels

Phomemo PM-246S, B246D print thank you or logo stickers, easy to start your own business, fast and high quality, easy to use in home.

Thank you or logo stickers

Phomemo PM-246S, B246D is green mailing lable printer, thermal printer, no need cartridges or ink. sustainability, environmental-friandly.

Packing Listing:

Phomemo PM246S Shipping Label Printer(Pink)*

1 USB Cable * 1

 Power Adapter * 1

Power Cord * 1

Quickstart Guide * 1

U Disk * 1

4×6 Test Labels * 10