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Special Gift! DIY a learning binder with M02 Pro mini pocket printer

Special Gift! DIY a learning binder with M02 Pro mini pocket printer

It is not difficult to find that as time goes by, the kids grow too fast and you may miss something. However, in daily life or every special holiday of the year, letting kids experience different new things is also a happy growth source for them.

Want to find a fun way to let kids feel the festive atmosphere and pass on happiness? Maybe you can have a try to prepare a DIY gift for him. The beauty of a homemade gift for your kid is that you can capture every milestone in his growth, record every moment and grow with him.

Today, we will take everyone to learn how to use some materials to DIY a learning binder as a gift for kids.

Prepare the materials for making the learning binder

1. Transparent binder: a transparent binder, the size of binder book can be prepared according to actual needs

2. Stickers: leaves vintage style stickers, mushroom translucent stickers, other cute stickers

3. Coloring pens: several colored pens of different colors

4. Printer and paper: one M02 pro mini pocket printer, 15mm size printer paper, 53mm size printer paper, etc.
DIY a learning binder with Phomemo M02 Pro


How to make the cover of a binder:

After all the materials are ready, you can start your DIY gift. First, open the prepared blank binder and start to make a creative cover on the first page; Second, choose two leaves of vintage style stickers to paste on the opposite corners of this binder and then paste the printed learning binder text labels in the middle of the binder paper; Finally, paste some mushroom translucent stickers and some cute stickers in the other remaining blank space, and the special binder cover has completed.
paste leaves of vintage style stickers

printed learning binder text labels

paste some mushroom translucent stickers


How to make the inner pages of a learning binder

The DIY learning binder will be an excellent creative Christmas gift for children. How to use the auxiliary printer to make the core inner page of the learning binder after the cover is completed? Please attention to follow the content:

The M02 Pro mini pocket printer can provide a huge help in DIY learning binders. It can print many cute fruits, vegetables, animal patterns names labels and more.

print patterns with M02 Pro mini pocket printer

Step 1:

Opening the printer, and put the 15mm paper into the printer. After Bluetooth is connected to the mobile app, you can start printing, and you can print various fruits, vegetables and animal text labels through the note function.

15mm size of printer paper

Step 2:

After printing the required text label, turn off the printer, then replace the 15mm paper with 53mm paper and continue image printing. You only need to store the pattern you want to print on your mobile phone in advance, using it after connecting to the mobile app. The image printing function in the Phomemo APP allows you to enjoy the experience of instant image printing. It is not difficult to print the images you need. When you hold the printer in your hand, it can be within a few seconds after the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone to access the mobile phone gallery print the desired fruits, vegetables and animal patterns.

53mm size of printer paper

Step 3:

After that, affix text labels to the corresponding types of binders, and then paste the fruits, vegetables, and animal patterns to the corresponding positions, and the basic contents of the binder are completed.
post text labels

Step 4:

This mini pocket printer is compatible with a variety of thermal paper. In addition to transparent paper, kids can also easily color on the paper. When you fill in a lot of cute patterns with colors and leave uncolored pattern binders for him to color by himselves that no need to buy an extra drawing book, thus he can feel the joy of coloring and get recognition from colors and objects.

fill patterns with colors

completed vegetables binder

completed fruits binder

completed animals binder


Last but not least, phomemo also has OEM customization services, which can customize portable pocket printers with printed logos for small businesses or overseas brands. The following is a red and white-based pocket printer that we made exclusively for overseas brands.

Supreme® and Phomemo Pocket Printer

Supreme® and Phomemo Pocket Printer

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