3" Golden Star Reflective Thermal Labels for Shipping Label Printer

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    Specification - Each golden thermal label has a diameter of 3"x3" inches, 500 PCS thermal labels / roll, Color:Golden Reflective, and the hole diameter in the middle of the circle stickers roll is 0.99 "/25MM
    100% Compatible - Phomemo thermal labels compatible with MUNBYN, Nelko, JADENS, ASPRINK, ROLLO, OMEZIZY, ITARI, IDRPT, POLONO, JIOSE, K COMER, LABELRANGE, OFFNOVA, PHOMEMO, NEFLACA,BEEPRT, NefLaca and other direct 4X6 shipping thermal printers. (Not Compatible With Dymo or Brother).
    Commercial Grade Stickers - The special stickers labels paired with your custom patterns will definitely make your product unique and impressive. Phomemo thermal labels are the ideal custom stickers personalized for schools, families, small business suppliers, logistics, kitchen storage, letters, pastry labels, logo stickers, cans, and gift labels
    High quality - Phomemo label stickers have high-quality hydrophobic oil layers attached to their surface, protecting the patterns of shipping labels from becoming blurry due to substances such as water and oil. Provide better security for your personalized stickers labels.
    High viscosity - The mailing labels come with high viscosity self-adhesive adhesive on the back, making it easy and fast to use. Phomemo labels are paired with a special process to ensure no residue after tearing, eliminating the hassle of cleaning residual glue.

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