M02 PRO Thermal Printing General Questions/Problems with APP

When adding device,can't find connectable device?Or having trouble in connecting Bluetooth?

1.Check whether the bluetooth of your mobile phone is enabled and turn on it.

2.Click "Not connected to the printer" in the application, search for the Bluetooth device name, and select the one which is same as the serial number on the printer display. If you don't find it, click "Search" in the upper right corner of the print list again.

3.When installing the device, please select "allow" for all permissions applied for by the application. For permissions not selected during installation, please turn on the application function in the Settings of the phone and allow Phomemo-M110 to have all permissions.

4.Restart the App and your printer after restarting the bluetooth, then try to reconnect.

5.If all else fails, please try to install the App by another mobile phone and try to connect. 

6.If the above operations still fail to connect the device, please apply for after-sale service.

7.APP installed by mistake,actually it is other models of APPs.
For example:
For M02, M02 PRO & M02s:The title of APP is phomemo.