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Quick Start Video------------------------------------- 1

Product Overview-------------------------------------2

Step 1: Get your printer started-------------------3

Step 2: Label Loading --------------------------------5

Step 3: Download the Driver-----------------------7

Step 4: Driver Installation---------------------------8

For macOS

Step 4-1: macOS: Security & Privacy Setting---- 9

Step 4-2: macOS: Driver Installation------------ 12

Step 4-3: macOS: Printer Setup------------------15

For Windows

Step 4-1: Windows: Driver Installation--------- 19

Step 4-2: Windows: Printer Setup-------------- 21

Introduction of Feed Button---------------------- 25

Introduction of Status Light----------------------- 26

Maintenance------------------------------------------ 27

PRO Tips------------------------------------------------ 28

Safety Notices----------------------------------------- 28


Quick Start Video

 Important Tip:Please watch the short setup video for a fast and easy setup.
 Visit https://phomemo.com/pages/pm-246-pro-setup-guide


The Phomemo printer is a very capable printer. You can print barcodes, shipping labels, name badges, warehouse labels, food nutrition labels, amazon FBA labels and labels of all sizes with it. It prints without the need of ink or cartridges. It’s the perfect partner for your business with its economical, reliable and high-efficient features.


Please take a short time to watch the setup video. It will guide you to setup the printer step by step.


Product Overview


Package contents

Printer*1, Power Cord*1, Power Adapter*1, USB Cable*1, USB Driver*1, Quick Start Guide*1, Start Label*1, TC Adapter*1


Printer components





> Please take a moment to thoroughly read this user guide.

Incorrect operation may result in damage to the printer or your physical injury.



1.Ensure that the printer is OFF. The power switch is switched to O. (I:On; O:Off)


2.Attach the power cord to the adapter.


3.Plug the adapter cable into Circular DC adapter connector of the printer.


4.Plug the power cord into the socket.


5.Connect the USB cable to the printer.


6.Connect the other end of the USB cable to the computer.


7.Turn the printer ON with the power switch (I:On; O:Off)


STEP 2 Label Loading


The Phomemo printer is capable of working with labels ranging from 1.89" to 4.33" (48 to 110mm) in width. To print on different labels correctly, the printer needs to identify your label size before it starts printing.

> To run the automatic label identification,

please follow these steps:



1.Turnontheprinter. (I:On;O:Off)


2.Adjust the paper guide to match the label size.


3.Insert label, ensure it is straight and smooth as shown.

Note: The print side should face up


.4.Make sure the label is automatically caught by the printer


5.Press and hold Feed Button until you hear one Beep, then release the Feed Button.


6.The printer will move the label back and forth to learn the gap size.


NOTE: Please run the label size identification every time you change your label. (See picture 5 & 6)  


STEP 3  Download the Driver


> Continue to Driver Installation


Method 1:

Download the latest printer driver from the USB driver attached.


Method 2:

Download the latest driver from

www.phomemo.com -> Shipping Label Printer -> PM-246 Pro Printer Driver


STEP 4 Driver Installation


> Please run the downloaded software from the website or USB driver indicated above and follow the hints to complete the installation.


(Mac Driver Installer)             (Win Driver Installer)

Note: Before the installation, please ensure the printer is connected and turned on!


▶If the installation is not successful, please contact us.

TEL: +1 855 957 5321 (US ONLY)

Service time: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM (US EST)


Whatsapp: +86 13928088284 / +86 15338193665

Skype : Phomemo Team-Jessie / Phomemo Team-Helen

Contact us on-live chat or WhatsApp, Scan QR code:


For more videos, please visit: www.youtube.com 

Search for "Phomemo" and go to the home page

Search for you purchased printer model (i.e PM-246 Pro)

●You will find the tutorial videos for an easy setup


STEP 4.1 Security & Privacy Setting for macOS


(1) Double click the "pkg" installer to begin.

(2) If the driver can not be opened, please give permission to it first. Click "OK" and follow the steps below to allow the macOS system to process the installation.

(3) Click the upper left corner and go to "System Preferences".

(4) Select "Security&Privacy".

(5) Under "General", click "Open Anyway" to set up.

(6) Input the password of your Mac. Then click "Modify Settings".

Note: If you didn’t need to set a password, please skip this step.

(7) Click "Open" and continue to install the driver.


STEP 4.2 Driver Installation for macOS

(1) Follow the installation steps until you receive the

"Installation was successful" message. 

(2) Click the upper left corner and go to "System Preferences".

(3) Select "Printer & Scanners"

(4) Click "+" to add a printer

(5) Select "Thermal Label Printer"-> Click "Select Software" under "Use"

(6) Select "LabelPrinter Label Printer" and click "OK"


(7) Click "Add"


STEP 4.3 Printer Setup for macOS

(1) Print a sample label: Open the desired file (e.g. a PDF with Preview).

(2) Click "File" and choose "Print".

(3) Select "Show Details".

(4) Choose a paper size from "Paper Size".

①If there is no suitable label size for you, please click "Manage Custom Sizes" to add the size.

②Input width and height, then click "OK".


(5) Select "Printer Features" in "Preview", you can set up the printer properties such as "Media Tracking", "Darkness" and "Print speed".

① Select paper type in "Media Tracking". Choose from "Continuous", "Gap" or "Black Line".

② You can change the Printing Speed and the Darkness of your printing (Larger number means higher Darkness)

 (6) After setup, click "Print"


STEP 4.1 Driver Installation for Windows

(1) Double click the installer to begin. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

①Click "Get USB Port" to check which USB Port the label printer is connected with.


②Click "Setup" to setup the USB Port.



(2)To check the if printer is connected successfully:

①Right click on "This PC", choose "Properties",

then click on "Control panel"-> "Devices and Printers"

②Right click on "Label Printer" -> "Printer Properties"

-> Click on "Print Test Page"


STEP 4.2 Win: Printer setup


(1) Set as default printer

Right click on "Label Printer" -> "Set as default printer"

(2) Select the paper type

①Right click on "Label Printer" -> choose "Printer Preferences"

②Go to the "Page Setup".

You can choose the size you need in "Paper Name"

③If there is no suitable label size for you, please click "New" to create the needed size.

④Change Paper name and input width and height, click "OK"

(3) Set up Print speed and Darkness

You can change the printing speed and the Darkness of your printer (Larger number means higher Darkness) and click "OK".

(4) Print a sample label: Open a desired file (e.g. a PDF).

①Click "Pint"


②Select the printer "Label Printer"

③Preview and check the print size, then click "Print".




Printer status

Solid Green

Standby and Ready

Red and green flashing alternately

Printer head is over-heated

Flashing Red slowly

(once every 2 seconds)

Paper shortage

Flashing Red quickly

(twice per second)

Cover is not closed



Desired Action


How to skip a label

Insert label and ensure it is straight and smooth. When the printer is standby and ready to print, simply press the Feed Button once (i.e. nothing is being printed).

How to restore factory setting

When the printer is standby and ready, press and hold the Feed Button until you hear "Beep Beep Beep", then release the Feed Button. Turn the power off and then turn on. Insert label and ensure it is straight and smooth. Run the automatic label identification to restore.

How to run the automatic label identification

(gap label)

Insert label, ensure it is straight and smooth. When the printer is standby and ready, press and hold the Feed Button until you hear one Beep, then release the Feed Button.

How to print out test page

Insert label, ensure it is straight and smooth. When the printer is standby and ready, press and hold the Feed Button until you hear "Beep Beep", then release the Feed Button.



Printer head Cleaning Steps

1.Turn the printer off, remove the power cord and open the cover by pushing the release latches forward. (See picture 1)

2.Wait until the Printer head cools down. (The printer head may be very hot after printing)

3.Completely clean Printer head using an alcohol swap (NOT WATER). (See picture 2)

4.Wait until the alcohol has completely vaporized, then close the cover.

5.Connect the power cord and print a test page to check if it is clean.


Ensure power is off when performing maintenance.

Do not touch or scratch the printer head surface, roller or sensors.


PRO Tips

1.Avoid using poor quality labels as they can damage the printer

2.Regularly clean the printer head.

3.Insert Printer to the same USB port on your computer every time. This will avoid creating duplicate copies of the printer in your operating system.

4.If paper is jammed, see "Printer head Cleaning Steps" from "Maintenance".


Safety Notices

1.Do not bend the power cord excessively or place objects on the cord.

2.Keep the printer out of reach of children.

3.Use only approved accessories and do not try to disassemble or repair the unit by yourself.

4.Keep the printer away from water and other objects that could penetrate the components.

5.Unplug the printer when it is not in use for long periods.

6.Do not use the printer if you find any irregularities as these could result in fire or electrocution.

7.Do not touch the printer head. The printer head can become very hot after printing labels.                



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