Phomemo 4Pack Colorful Label Maker Tape For P3200

    • You can Get- 4 pack White on Berry Pink/Blue/Black/Turquoise Blue. For Phomemo P3200 Bluetooth portable label maker.
    • Multipurpose Using- P3200 labels will not fade or smudge, can be used in freezers, microwaves and outdoor. It is good for labeling in home, kitchen, shelving, cable, jar and anything you want to sticker.
    • Durable Labels- Laminated Labels never worry the label fade. P3200 printer label is Waterproof, Oil-proof,Scratch-resistant. The labels can be used in refrigerator, kitchen, outdoor, laboratory. BPA free.
    • Removed Easily, No Residue Left- The good adhesive stays dry and sticky in storage to protect the label maker machine from jamming or misprinting. There is a tangent on the back for easy tearing. Automatic Shrinkage Label Tape- preventing paper jam. Before use, turn the ribbon counterclockwise until tight. (1-2turns).
    • Compatible with brother label maker- PTD210, PTD400ad, PTD400vp, PTD400, PTD450, PTD600, PTD00vp, p-touch-e550w, PTE500, PTH110, PTP700, PT-1890c, PTE110, PT-1280, PT-d200, PT1290, PTH300, PT-P710bt, PTD600vp, PTP750w, PTD800w, PT-1890c, PT-1890sc, PT1880c, PT-P710bt.

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Color: Black
Color: Black