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Say Hello to New Year of 2023!
Say Hello to New Year of 2023!

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Paper Holder Set for Phomemo M02 Printer with White Sticker 2-Year Long-Lasting Thermal Paper丨3 Rolls

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Available for Phomemo M02 thermal printer!


 *Phomemo M02


This box of thermal paper includes:

-- 3 rolls of Phomemo regular white adhesive thermal paper for 2 years 
-- 1 paper holder set compatible with Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer


-- Regular White thermal sticker printing paper
-- With adhesive on the backside of each roll of paper, you can easily stick it everywhere
-- ECO friendly & Safety: no ink required, Bisphenol A free
-- Feature: waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant & picture storage time lasts 2 years
-- It can be used to print images or make notes for yourself, which helps you stay organized for your work and life

How many pictures can be printed on a roll of thermal paper?
The length of each roll is 3.5 meters
eg: for an image of 50mm*50mm, it might be printed 60 images (per roll)


Phomemo M02 Portable Thermal Printer Sticker Thermal Paper with Paper Holder Set
Product Name Phomemo Regular White Sticker Thermal Paper with Paper Holder Set for M02 printer
Size (Per Roll) 21" x 11.8“ (53mm x φ30 mm)
Length (Per Roll) 138" (3.5 m)
Package include  3 paper rolls & 1 paper holder set compatible with Phomemo M02 printer
Quantity 4 pacs
Picture Storage Time of Paper 2 Years  (Under Normal temperature and away from direct light)


*Tips for keeping the best quality of thermal printings: 

--Please keep the printings stay away from high-temperature and direct sunlight.
--Try not to let the printings resist physical friction (such as rubber friction) for a long time.
e.g. If you rub the printings for a long time, it'll be easy to damage the printing coat and cause it to fall off.
--Try not to let the printings approach chemical materials for a long time:
e.g. Touch the printings with your hands for a long time, because there may be sweat or lavender essential oil on your hands, and they will make the printings on the thermal printings fade quickened.

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