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Surprise Gift! Phomemo 2023 Christmas Gifting Suite

Surprise Gift! Phomemo 2023 Christmas Gifting Suite

Perhaps for many people, any festival is only one-third of the year, without much expectation or meaning. In the book "The Little Prince", the little prince once asked the little fox incomprehensibly: "What is the sense of ritual?" The little fox replied: "The sense of ritual is something that is often forgotten by people. It can make a certain day different from others. It’s different from other days, making a certain moment different from other moments.” Perhaps the meaning of the festival is also here. The festival brings us a sense of ritual, which makes this day different from other days. It is no longer three hundred. One sixty-fifth.

Lights, Christmas trees, Christmas hats, Christmas carols... In fact, many people still see Christmas through a unique lens of wonder and splendor. Oh, what a wonderful time of the year!
Lights, Snow, Christmas trees and more

Christmas is a wonderful season full of gifts and joy. Buying gifts for your family, friends, children, spouse, etc. can express your love and show them your care. In the coming Christmas this year, I recommend this warm Christmas gift set-Phomemo 2023 Christmas gifting suite. Do your best, tell us the childhood "Santa Claus", your love for them, don't forget one more sentence: Merry Christmas!

Say Merry Christmas

Phomemo 2023 Christmas Gift Suite:

Heat Resistant Oven Mitt

12 Colors Journaling Pen & Christmas Stickers

3D Christmas Tree Shape Greeting Card

Star String Light & Xmas Tree Shape Light
2021 phomemo Christmas gifting suite

Instruction for this 2023 Christmas Gifting Suite

1. Heat Resistant Oven Mitt

Those who have stayed in the kitchen for a long time have not experienced burns and pain after touching the hot surface of an object without wearing some kind of heat-resistant oven gloves. When removing hot items from the oven, what should you use to protect your hands? Although it may be convenient to grab a nearby towel when taking things out of the oven because the way you hold the towel to grab the hot tray is unstable, this method may still cause burns to your hands, and you need a protective power of heat-resistant oven gloves. At this time, this heat-resistant oven mitt with a snowflake pattern is very suitable for family and friends to take out the Christmas oven delicacies made. It can effectively prevent people from getting burnt when taking out hot items from the oven or on hot surfaces, and better protects hands from high heat burn injuries.
Heat-resistant Oven Mitt

2.12 Colors Journaling Pen & Christmas Stickers

Once you discover the wonderful world of bullet journals, you will naturally begin to explore the stationery market, looking for the coloring pens and stickers you need to use on your journaling. Our 12 colorful fine-tip journaling pen set is suitable for bullet journal decoration, journal planning, note-taking, sketching, coloring books, art projects and coloring various small and complex patterns. The 12 fine-dot colored pens are packed in a cute transparent storage bag, which is especially easy to carry. What a great gift! It is very suitable for Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Parties, New Year's back to school stationery or journal supplies for your children and friends.
12 Colors Journaling Pen & Christmas Stickers

3.3D Christmas Tree Shape Greeting Card

Tra-la-la-laaaaa Before Christmas, you can always hear those bells shaking one after another. At Christmas, there is nothing more surprising than a personalized Merry Christmas decoration card! This new 3D Christmas tree shape greeting card uses green plants as a symbol of winter holidays because these plants can grow year-round and are believed to protect the house from evil spirits, ghosts, and diseases. When the card is taken out, the recipient will be happy with the 3D effect of the Christmas tree. The best part is that they can put the card somewhere in the house to add to their holiday decorations.

3D Christmas Tree Shape Greeting Card

 4. Star String Light & Xmas Tree Shape Light

With the advent of winter, it is time for your home to reflect the festive atmosphere of joy. This low-power star string light is powered by 3 AA batteries, so you don't need to worry about charging with a charger, you can easily carry and place the small LED star string wherever you like, its warm white color It helps to create a good and romantic atmosphere for every common thing and festival.

In addition, this 3D Christmas tree light as a decorative light is very suitable for display in your bedroom, living room, or any way you want to use it. When you get closer, you will see a completely flat sheet of thin acrylic glass. Don't worry about overheating, it's very safe to touch, and it will always light up your home space.

Star String Light & Xmas Tree Shape Light

In fact, the reason why we look forward to festivals such as "Christmas" is not the gift, but the surprise. Before this 2023 Christmas comes, prepare such a special surprise gifting suite for those around you!
Phomemo Merry Christmas Gifting Suit

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