Phomemo bietet mehr Etikettengrößen für die Etikettenmarke M110/M120/M200/M220/M221


    Bitte beachten Sie, dass: M110/M120 Label Maker mit 20–50 mm Etiketten kompatibel sein kann, während M200/M220/M221 mit kompatibel sind >20-80mm Etiketten

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Stil: 20x10mm | White | 1 Roll
Stil: 20x10mm | White | 1 Roll
Phomemo M110 thermal printer is portable and compact, the thermal material consumables are water-proof, scratch resistant, and oil-proof.Phomemo M110 thermal printer use BPA-free sticker label, environmental friendly, green life, sustainable.Phomemo M110 is a thermal printer, inkless, no need ink. Oil resistant, strong adhesion, abrasion resistant, water resistant because of thermal label is composed by 2 layers, colorless thermal coating and flexible label.The consumables for Phomemo M110 thermal printer is water-proof, oil-proof, and scratch resistant, no ink, save money and easy to use.