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Phomemo provides global free shipping services. Due to many factors affecting international logistics, some logistics tracking numbers have not been updated in time, which is normal. Please rest assured, your express will be delivered, please contact us if you have any questions

Warm Prompt

DearĀ Customers,
šŸ’–ThanksĀ forĀ yourĀ support.

Recently,Ā weĀ haveĀ beenĀ workingĀ toĀ improveĀ theĀ logisticsĀ situation andĀ tryingĀ ourĀ bestĀ toĀ ensureĀ thatĀ theĀ goodsĀ atĀ itsĀ earliest.Ā 

Unfortunately, whatĀ happenedĀ inĀ someĀ areasĀ causedĀ theĀ goodsĀ cannotĀ beĀ deliveredĀ on timeĀ evenĀ theyĀ haveĀ arrivedĀ inĀ theĀ destinationĀ countryĀ forĀ aĀ longĀ time.Ā 

DueĀ toĀ suchĀ delays,Ā we areĀ soĀ sorryĀ thatĀ weĀ cannotĀ control, so if your parcel logistics status shows that your goods have arrived in the destination country, please wait for patiently.It must be delivered soon.


PleaseĀ read the refund policy for details.