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What can we use M02S pocket thermal printer?

What can we use M02S pocket thermal printer?

Among many printer products, pocket thermal printers are quite popular and popular among users. Not only are they compact and portable, but they can also print anything connected with a mobile phone without any cartridge. With the development of technology, the functions of pocket printers are becoming more and more abundant.

This pocket thermal printer uses a retro envelope design and is equipped with a 1000mAh large-capacity lithium battery. It can be used after charging and can print 8 rolls of paper when it is fully charged that can be held in one hand is convenient to carry at any time. M02S combines traditional cultural elements with modern inkless printing technology, only need to connect to the mobile APP via Bluetooth to enjoy rich printing functions.

M02S pocket thermal printer

Bullet Journaling Usage
A bullet journal is a very popular form of journaling. The core is a module for fast recording and unrestricted recording content, which is completely determined by personal preference. And there are a large number of interesting high-definition materials in the APP, with a wealth of thermal printing paper types for printing, easily making beautiful and interesting bullet journals. In addition, this pocket thermal printer uses Japan's top-quality print head with a print resolution of up to 300dpi, which is very clear in printing photos, and prints retro artistic images to further decorate the bullet diary, which is also very creative.

 Bullet Journaling Usage

Excerpt Usage
The text recognition function of the M02S pocket thermal printer is very useful while needed excerpts important content. Its powerful OCR function can save you the trouble of manual excerpting. OCR text recognition technology can convert the text in books or stock photos into editable text, and print out the obtained text content and paste it into your own notebook.

Excerpt Usage with M02S

Office Usage
Usually, complex daily work requires a clear work plan. M02S pocket thermal printer can print to-do lists, schedules, important reminders, notes, etc., as a memo reminder to help sort out work ideas. Use the to-do list to record and plan our time, make the to-dos clear at a glance, achieve the goal in less time, and get rid of the complicated to-dos.

to-do list with M02S

Life Usage
There are many places where labels need to be used in the home, such as affixing eye-catching and uniform labels to storage containers and storage products for quick and easy access. It is worth mentioning that this M02S thermal pocket printer has a new "Label Workshop" function, which can be used in many home scenes. There are a variety of practical templates in the matching label treasure box, such as creative decoration, exquisite life, mother and baby logo, and home storage, which can meet the needs of daily life in various scenarios of label identification applications. It can not only print name stickers, classification labels, but also food names, shelf life labels of skincare products, etc., truly achieving multiple functions in one machine.

Label Workshop function

label home items

M02S pocket printer adds 15mm and 25mm print sizes. The original 53mm size is more suitable for printing photos, lists and other content, and the new size can print some labels, allowing this pocket-sized thermal printer to play the effect of one machine on top of three machines, and it is a good assistant for home storage.

M02S pocket thermal printer print 3 paper sizes

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