Phomemo M02 Mini Pocket Thermal Label Printer A/B/C/D Bundles

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Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer
Phomemo M02 portable thermal label printer

Phomemo M02 Mini Bluetooth Thermal Printer Bundles A/B/C!



How to use M02 printer at first

How we make journals with M02 Printer

              PRODUCT DETAILS

    Compact size: 86*82*42mm(3.38"*3.22"*1.65"), which can be easily put into a pocket and used everywhere.
    With a 1000mAh lithium battery inside the printer and the charging, you can take it everywhere without worrying about buying dry cells. After fully charged in 1.5 hours, it can continuously work for 24 hours and the battery can last a week on a single charge.
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTION & Direct Thermal Technology
    Bluetooth 4.0 connection (Android 4.0, IOS8.0 or above). The FREE compatible APP Phomemo is designed for being used on smartphones and tablets (Android & IOS). With Bluetooth and direct thermal technology, You can print anything wirelessly and without adding or changing any ink as well.
    While using the app Phomemo, it can print texts, images, icons or banners, etc. At the same time, it can help print memos, to-do lists, labels, make journals, or various DIY projects! The app Phomemo offers a variety of fonts, filters, continuous updated free graphics, and templates, making your printings more stylish.
  • One Year Warranty
    We offer a one-year warranty on any products and an 80-day return policy. If you do not receive the product within 80 days after placing the order, we will refund unconditionally. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any question.
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Just need a roll of thermal paper and you can print at any time anywhere. (No ink required!)

High-precision print head and the print resolution up to 203dpi.

Please note that the printer can not print colorful photos due to the nature of direct thermal technology. 

M02 thermal printer is compatible with the width 53mm size of continuous thermal paper.

Provide two types of thermal paper: adhesive and non-sticky paper, more than 15 styles of thermal paper, such as white, colorful, transparent sticker. The storage time of different thermal paper can last 2-20 years and even long-term effective, which depends on what paper you choose.

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M02 thermal printer can be used for making study notes, decorating, work plan, marking, memo, making bullet journal, printing image, scanning text and printing, To-do list, making banner, etc.
Suitable for students, office workers, Handbook enthusiasts, etc.
Save money and print efficiently.

In order to ensure your normal use, here we have some notes for you, please read the following information before using your printer.

1. In order to extend the life of the battery of the printer, please charge it before the printer runs out of electricity.

*When the printer's indicator light is red, it means that the machine is in a low battery state, please charge it immediately.*

2. If you will not use the printer after a long time, please remember to charge it regularly.

3. There'll be one free roll of 2-year lasting white sticker paper and one free paper holder (fixing device) inside the printer. If you lost the paper holder set inside the printer accidentally, you can order a new one by visiting here.

4. For how to install the paper in the M02 printer:


“So cool! It does not need any ink, the mini size, I can take it to anywhere, too convenient!”

I love this mini printer! It can print any pictures I want

I bought this pink color mini printer by viewing Instagram, it is interested me. So I cannot help to buy it. lol. Easy to control and take away. No ink that is really awesome!

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