User Manual – Phomemo

User Manual

1.Scan the QR code, download the Phomemo App.

2.Please charge the battery before first use. Turn on the printer by long pressing the On/Off button for 3 seconds.
(Double press the On/Off button, the printing function is normal if the QR code appears)

3. Connection Bluetooth Pairing
(Double press the On/Off button to print the QR code)
Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your phone, register then sign in your account on the Phomemo App. Click "Add Device" and select your printer from the device list or connect the device by scanning the QR code. Start to print.

4.On/Off: Long press 3 seconds to turn on/off the printer.

5.Reset: Short press to restart and restore factory settings.

6.Indicator light:
Green light on: sufficient power, can print normally.
Green blinking: Charging
Red light on: Check whether there is warning on the App, for example: lack of paper, low power, printer not fully closed, print head overheated.
Malfunction with the printer if no warning on the App.
Red blinking: Low battery, please charge in time.

7. Install printing paper:
Push down and open the back cover.
Caution: The print head is overheated after printing. Please refrain from touching.
Install direction of Paper roll

8.Before closing the printer, please check the tightness of the paper roll. When closing the printer, extend some paper to the outlet of printer, press the upper end of the printer and push it closed in the opposite direction.