How to Get Phomemo Vouchers

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How to Get Phomemo Vouchers

We are very lucky to have you. The success of a brand cannot be achieved without your support. We decided to add a reward feedback program.

- Recommended Your Influencers!

  Each of us has his or her own favorite influencers, we can learn a lot from them. Recommend your influencers to us, once we enter into a partnership with them, you will get a $5 voucher!

- How to work?

  One email can recommend up to 20 influencers at a time. If three influencers decide to collaborate with us, we will give you three $5 vouchers, and so on.

  Please leave influencers' links and social media accounts in email:

- How do I know if my list of recommended has been chosen?

  If we find that the influencers you recommend can have opportunities to collab, we will keep you informed by email.

  When the same list of recommendations appears, we will judge according to the chronological of the emails received.

- How to select the influencers in the mind?

  (a) Prefer to share video, have the following social media accounts: Youtube/ Instagram/ TikTok/ Facebook, etc.

  (b) The content is related to our product: bulletjournal, craft, organization, etc. 

  (c) Influencers we have already worked with are not considered. 

- About vouchers

  (a) Vouchers cannot be used superimposed, can only be used once per voucher. Each is valid for six months.

  (b) The vouchers can be used only on official website:

- Start emailing us:

If you want to know more about this programme, you can also email us: !