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タイプ: 200pcs+Free Bag
ペーパーPCS: Letter Size
サイズ: Regular(For M08F/M832)
  • Great paper deliver crisp, clear images. BPA free.
  • Good Adhesive and Easy Tear
  • Good for journalling, organization, study notes, photos printing.
  • Long storage period, up to 20 years depending on different materials
レター サイズの用紙は M08F レター バージョン用です
A4 サイズの用紙は M08F-A4 バージョン用です

タイプ: 200pcs+Free Bag
ペーパーPCS: Letter Size
サイズ: Regular(For M08F/M832)

Inkless Printing

Using thermal technology, the print head can print without ink through precise heating of thermal paper.


BPA (Bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical. It may cause endocrine disorders and have certain effects on people's health. Phomemo M08F A4 thermal paper has passed RoHs certification. It’s tested that the paper doesn’t contain any carcinogens.

Tips: Enjoy our top-notch inkless thermal paper, designed for easy and efficient use. This special paper reacts to heat, so you don't need pricey ink cartridges or ribbons. It's great for business and home use.

 How It Works: When our thermal paper is heated by a printer, it darkens, forming clear, durable text or images. This hassle-free technology gives reliable, cost-saving printing.

 US Letter vs A4 Size: Our pack comes in US Letter size (8.5x11 inches), which is broader than the A4 size (8.27 x 11.69 inches) used internationally. We advise US customers to go with US Letter size as it fits better with local printers and folders, saving potential future trouble.

 Choose Phomemo US Letter inkless thermal paper for straightforward, economical printing. Ideal for the US customer.