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How to Make a Handmade Thanksgiving Card to Express Gratitude

How to Make a Handmade Thanksgiving Card to Express Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the best day of the year, and it is also when I tell you I love you, don't forget the person you want to thank.

Thanksgiving Day Image

Origin of Thanksgiving

The origin of Thanksgiving dates back to the beginning of American history. In 1620, the famous Mayflower arrived in America with 102 puritans who could not bear the persecution of religion in Britain. In the winter at the turn of 1620 and 1621, they encountered unimaginable difficulties, and many people starved to death due to food shortages. Fortunately, they got the help of the local Indians. At this time, the Indians sent the immigrants with the necessities of life, and especially sent people to teach them how to hunt, fish, and grow corn and pumpkins. With the help of the Indians, the immigrants finally got a good harvest. On the day of celebrating the harvest, according to religious traditions, the immigrants set a day to thank God and decided to thank the Indians for their sincere help, so they held a banquet and The Indians celebrated a good life together, and gradually this became a tradition until the United States made the fourth Thursday of November every year as Thanksgiving.

Origin of Thanksgiving

The Tradition of Sending Blessings

Thanksgiving is a holiday for people to send messages of love and warm wishes to their relatives, colleagues, superiors and subordinates, and very close people. On this day, they express their feelings by presenting Thanksgiving cards.

blessing of thanksgiving

Although the Thanksgiving card may not be part of everyone’s tradition, there is no doubt that it can be one of the ways you can express gratitude to the important people around you. With its delivery, it can remind them and make them feel special to you on that day. Therefore, a simple Thanksgiving card message can express your love and gratitude for them. Although the greeting cards purchased in the store can convey gratitude, they always lack some warmth. At this time, you might as well try to make a handmade Thanksgiving card for the person you want to thank so that she can truly feel your love and gratitude for her.

thank you card

You will see creative ideas about hand-made cuboid Thanksgiving cards in Phomemo this blog. Following us to learn about it (the following is an example of DIY Thanksgiving cards for mom).

Making card with Phomemo M02

Materials of Thanksgiving Card Handmade:

Phomemo M02 Printer, 12-color colored pens, tweezers, letter stickers, scissors, double-sided tape, transparent tape, black fine-sided tape, 4 pieces of 10*12cm orange cardboard, 4 pieces of 10*8cm light yellow cardboard, 1 sheet of 8*12 white paper

material of Thanksgiving card handmade

Steps of DIY HandmadeThanksgiving Cards:

Step 1: Prepare pieces of cardboard

First, cut out 8 pieces of cardboard of appropriate size, and paste the light yellow cardboard on the middle of the orange cardboard with double-sided tape. In this way, You will get 4 sheets of cardboard.

cut out 8 pieces of cardboard of appropriate size

paste the light yellow cardboard on the middle of the orange cardboard

Step 2: Prepare festive and creative patterns material

It is not difficult to use the Phomemo M02 pocket Printer to print out all kinds of patterns needed. Just only need to connect the printer with Bluetooth to enjoy the diversified holiday pattern printing that comes with the Phomemo App. After printing out all kinds of favorite holiday patterns you like, you can use some colored pens to color these patterns so that the pattern material for decorating the card is ready.

print festival patterns with Phomemo M02

print pattern as you like with M02 printer

Step 3: DIY the first piece of light yellow cardboard

Use tweezers to paste the letter stickers of G、I、V、E 、T、H、A、N、K、S one by one on the surface of one of the light yellow cardboard and then paste the prepared other patterns stickers on the remaining positions of the current card.

Paste the letter stickers one by one with tweezers

paste other small patterns on cardboard

Step 4: DIY the second piece of light yellow cardboard

First, paste around this light yellow cardboard with black fine-sided tape; Secondly, use a black colored pen to write a blessing of Happy Giving Day! Finally, paste small leaves and simple small bouquet stickers to embellish the blank space, so that the creative side of the handmade thanksgiving card ideas has been DIY completed.

Paste the sides of the light yellow cardboard with black fine-faced tape

write down Happy Giving Day

the side of handmade thanksgiving card ideas has DIY completed

Step 5: DIY the third piece of light yellow cardboard

Paste the blessing of "My Mom is the Best" and the colored bouquet stickers on the opposite corners of the cardboard, and then use colored pens to write the words "Thanks for your love and tolerance" to express love to mother.

paste my mom is the best stickers

thanks for mom

Step 6: DIY the final piece of light yellow cardboard

Paste the remaining turkey, pumpkin, maple leaf, apple and other stickers at any position of the cardboard, so that the simple and creative last cardboard is DIY completed.

final side has complete

Step 7: Get a rectangular cuboid

Fold the 8*12 white paper in half twice to divide it into 4 equal-sized parts, and then paste the two sides of the white paper with scotch tape to get a rectangular cuboid.

4 equal-sized parts

Step 8: Paste each side of the rectangular cuboid and get the DIY card

Stick double-sided tape on each side of the rectangular cuboid, then align the side of a piece of cardboard with the side of one side of the rectangular and paste it, similar to this, paste the remaining cardboard on the rectangular.

Align and paste the jammed paper

4 side DIY cardboard

Use some creative DIY handmade Thanksgiving cards to express your gratitude to this holiday and to important people. Greeting cards are the perfect way for you to express your love and gratitude. Come and have a try!

make handmade thanksgiving card

Or, you can view this video link to see more:

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