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Say goodbye to clutter, you need to have these office storage artifacts

Say goodbye to clutter, you need to have these office storage artifacts

I believe that many people are being troubled by cluttered office desktops. Indeed, if the desktops in the office are too cluttered, it will affect the efficiency of the office to a certain extent. So how to quickly make the desktop tidier?
cluttered office desktops

It is undeniable that desktop storage is a problem we have to consider. With the passage of time, even a large desk will feel insufficient after a period of use. Today, I recommend these two artifacts for office storage, so that your desk will be completely farewell to clutter.

Multifunctional storage box: organize small items

I believe that for everyone, the small items on the desk are actually the most difficult to store. So why not take a look at this multifunction storage box, the simple design makes it more beautiful. At the same time, the items placed can be clear at a glance, the items are more convenient to take and use, and at the same time more orderly.
Muti-Function Storage Box Size

The storage box is made of ABS material to make it more durable and smooth, with smooth edges without burrs. The biggest feature of ABS material is that it is not easy to deform so that it has a longer service life.
Multifunctional storage box instruction for use

There are also two detachable small drawers on the left side. With it on the desk, small items such as scissors, signature pens, and erasers can be easily stored, making the desk tidier.
types of items contained

Portable label printer: organize documents and office supplies

I have to say that in daily work, there are always some office supplies that do not go when they are needed, or they are looking for a document daily but do not know which drawer to start with. This time it reflects the role of labels, which is reasonable. Using labels can effectively say goodbye to clutter and improve office efficiency.
labeling of various documents

This portable label printer can be said to be very different from the traditional label printer in appearance, and the stylish and simple color matching makes people shine. There are 5 colors to choose from, all of which are macarons, which are white, cyan, pink, dark green and black. At the same time, the apparent size of the body is 2.3x 1.2x 5.2 inch, and the weight is only 160g. The volume can be said to be very small, and it can be easily placed in a portable bag and can be printed anytime, anywhere.

apparent size of D30 portabel label printer

Usually, you can use this portable label printer to print labels to make your work more organized and say goodbye to clutter. It can help people easily classify office supplies. In addition, by using labels to identify the classified storage and placement of files, you can quickly find the files and documents you need in daily life, reducing the time you need to find files and improving work efficiency.
using Phomemo D30 label maker make files labels

If you love work and life, then this labeling printer must not be missed. The compact and stylish design and convenient functions allow you to make exquisite labels anytime, anywhere.

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