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Buy Paper more than USD$210 Get 1 T02 for Free!

Phomemo provides global free shipping services. Due to many factors affecting international logistics, some logistics tracking numbers have not been updated in time, which is normal. Please rest assured, your express will be delivered, please contact us if you have any questions

Time is up !

This event ended on Jan 31,2020.
If there is no reply after Feb 20,2020,the prize will be deemed to be abandoned :)


During this period(From Jan 20 to Jan 31, 2020), if you place an order, you will get a chance to win a prize! Each day we will choose 9 lucky ones from the customers who place orders: 

Jan 20th - Jan 31st ,
Phomemo M02 Printer(random color) 1
Phomemo Regular Sticker Thermal Paper
(3 Rolls)
10% off discount (only for paper rolls) 5


We will contact the lucky ones via Email on Feb 7, 2020.(Please make sure your email address is correct.) We will ship the prize after Feb. 20,2020. 



Best regards,

Phomemo Team

Email: support@phomemo.com